Loving and Supporting

Saved by the Helmet

This morning, I tried jumping into the quarter pipe, fell down, and hit my head on the metal ramp. Fortunately I had my helmet on. I still felt the impact. I left the skate park and sat on the bench to make sure I could drive home. I took off my helmet and realized I lost my glasses. I looked everywhere, but couldn’t find it. I can’t recall what I did with it.

I had been rollerblading almost everyday for about half an hour. I used the quarter pipe the most to pump forward and backward. I also got a hang of the 180 turns on the pipe. I learn how to stall as well as how to grind. I still have a long way to go, but I am taking my time and being more cautious. I just want to use aggressive skating as a form of exercise.

I haven’t set my foot in the ice rink for a long time. I need to pick up figure skating again. Once the summer is over, I hope that public sessions at the ice rink near my workplace will change so that I can take my lunch break and hit the rink.

I can’t wait for the winter to ski again. I bought a used snowboard. I might give snowboarding another try. It looked fun, but I couldn’t get a hang of it. We’ll see.


Friday was my remote working day; therefore, I took Xuân and Vương to Jolly Yolly Kids Indoor Playground near our house. I wanted them to run around the playground instead of sitting still in front of their screens at home. They loved this “beautiful playground,” as they referred to it, and it had decent Wi-Fi for me to do my work.

We were there for about two hours when Xuân came up to tell me, “Someone just bit me.” He showed me his back and I saw teeth marks. I asked him if he was OK and if he could point out to me who bit him. Both Xuân and Vương pointed to a boy in an orange shirt. He was a big boy, but probably was a bit younger than Xuân. I asked around to find out who was the parent of the kid. I finally approached a man who was gluing to his phone. I asked, “Is he your son?” When he replied yes, I followed up, “Did you know that he bit my son?” He replied, “Yes, I am so sorry. I told him to apologize.” I said, “Why did he bite my son? Was there a conflict?” He responded, “No, he wanted the balloon and he shouldn’t have bitten.” Then he turned to his son, “Preston, say sorry.” His son said nothing. He went on, “If you don’t say sorry, you will get time out.” The kid ran off and continued to play. I turned to the father, “I guess that didn’t do it. You better make sure he doesn’t bite my son again.”

I took my kids away and I told Xuân, “Thank you for telling me what happened. What that kid did was wrong. He should have said sorry to you. I am going to make sure that he won’t do it again.” Instead of getting back to work, I had to watch them play until closing time.

The father didn’t even come to me to tell me about the incident. I had to approach him about it. The kid didn’t even get a fucking time out. He kept on playing like nothing happened and the father went back to his phone. That was some shitting-ass parenting.

Productive Saturday

I slept with a sore throat last night; therefore, I couldn’t get up early. I got out of bed around 10 am, grabbed a quick bite, and headed to the skatepark. Half an hour later, I headed to Home Depot to pick up a vinyl siding and ready-mix concrete patch. The Home Depot I went didn’t have the vinyl siding; therefore, I had to drive to another Home Depot. Luckily, someone just returned a piece for $10.

I went back home and replace the cracked vinyl siding. It was easier than I had imagined. The house’s foundation had a big crack somehow I hadn’t noticed. I just patched it up with ready-mix concrete. Then I washed the front siding and windows. I used a rag mop with a bit of detergent to wipe down all the green molding from the tree instead of using the power washer. I just sprayed off the soap with a regular hose.

After that I went up the roof to hammer in the nails that held the gutters. For the trims, I used screws years ago to make sure nothing would fly off anymore. It was so hot up there and I am definitely an acrophobia, but I had to do what I had to do.

It was quite a productive day. Now that all the works are done, I am now heading to the skatepark for the second time to relax.

Less Drama

Life has calmed down a bit, but far from back to normal. My wife hasn’t talked to me much. She is still very unhappy with me since I had put her in awkward positions. I know exactly where she stands on the issues. Anything I say to her now only makes the situation worse.

I can see the disappointments in her eyes. After fourteen years and four kids together, I have failed to bring her happiness. Her love for me has diminished. I no longer deserve her, but I can’t imagine my life without her. After I lost my mother, she is all I have left now that I burned bridges and fucked up relationships.

I don’t want her to be miserable. I should find different ways to fight my battles. Instead of speaking out, I just hold them in. Instead of addressing the issues directly, I write on this blog just like what I am doing now.

Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks

Bill Burr’s latest Netflix Special clocks in an hour and a half, in which he turned misogyny on its head. He knew how to talk shit about women and lesbians without getting cancelled. Even though he came off erratic, his jokes were carefully calculated. He pushed the button, but he knew his limitation. He took a different angle on issues including women sports and abortion. Burr has mastered this comic game. I enjoyed his performance.

Toyota Sienna 2011 Shows Its Age

I woke up this morning, drove to the nearest Toyota dealer to get an old change. Toyota Sienna 2011 is clocking in at almost 160,000 miles. Because I didn’t have an appointment, I would have to wait for three hours. No big deal. I could work remotely.

I told the service rep about the alarm blaring off at random time and he said they would charge $189 to diagnose the issue. I told him the air conditioner isn’t producing cold air and he told me another $189 to diagnose the issue. Not even fixing anything, I already have to pay them $378. Sure, they would waive the fees if I make the repair, but they will charge me an arm and leg.

I am OK with the AC not blowing cold air. I apologize to my neighbors if the alarm goes off at night. I was not going to fix these issues. I left and headed back to work. The price we have to pay to maintain these cars is just ridiculous. I am going to use the smaller shop for the jobs.

A couple of weeks ago, the speaking on the sliding door on the passenger side produced static sounds. My kids kept asking me to replace it. In order to replace it, I have to rip open the panel. I kept pushing it off. Yesterday Xuân told me the static had gone. It had, indeed, gone. I supposed it fixed itself. I hope that would be the case with the alarm and the AC.

Portada Speaks Vietnamese

With Portada, ​​Veronika Burian and José Scaglione set out to create a serif family that’s as clear and readable as a sans family in digital environments. Portada is designed specifically for user interfaces as well as long reading online. Portada has extended its support for Vietnamese. In working with Vik and José on Vietnamese diacritics for Portada, I caught a glimpse of how the two talented designers collaborated. They lived up to their foundry’s name: TypeTogether.

Whitney Cummings: Jokes

Whitney Cummings’s fifth special, which filmed in Newark, New Jersey for Netflix, is filled with sexual materials. Her Jokes were satirical and somewhat hysterical. Her delivery; however, was a bit too much. Her acting, in which she had had quite a bit of energy, was a bit distracted from her writing. She is attractive though. I enjoyed the special, but I wished she took her jokes up a notch.

Glyptic DJR Speaks Vietnamese

For August’s Font of the Month, David Jonathan Ross sent his members his revival of Glyptic from the Victorian era. In his digitized interpretation, David retains many of Glyptic’s ornamentations. Even with the diacritical marks, he incorporates delicate spirals and curlicues. It was such a joy for me to work with him on Vietnamese diacritics for Glyptic DJR. If you are into typography, I highly recommend David’s Font of the Month Club.