An Incompetent Idiot

Money, time, and resources are wasted because of one incompetent idiot. I am so sick and tired of that shit.


I gave myself a baldhawk—a mohawk to cover my bald spot. I have been shaving my head ever since I started to bald. It’s time to do something creative. Worse to to worse, I can just shave it all off and become a monk again.


I worked for a leader who valued talent over product. She chose an open-source product and invested in her employees to build out the platform we needed.

On the flip side, I worked for a leader who valued product over talent. He was willing to pay a shitload of money for a proprietary product, but he wouldn’t give an hourly employee a small raise. The differences in leadership styles were astounding.

Leadership plays an important role in our job. A great leader can make our work enjoyable, motivate us to push ourselves, and value our contributions. An incompetent leader can make your life a living hell, demoralize our spirit, and devalue our contributions.

I have been through it all and learned to navigate different terrains. Surviving is a must when you have to raise your family.

Bring Blogging Back

When I redesigned this blog in the past, I would share it on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. With Visualgui 2023, I didn’t share it on social media platforms. I just posted here. That was it.

I haven’t touched Twitter and LinkedIn in months and I haven’t missed them. I have returned to Facebook to post clips of my kids skiing and rollerblading. I am not sure why I am doing it. Part of me wished my mom was still here so she could see her grandsons. I will stop using Facebook in the near future.

I am getting tired of social media. I am not getting any benefits from them. I am going to just focus on this blog and that’s it. This is my little corner on the web where I can just drop whatever on my mind. I also enjoy reading personal blogs via RSS feeds. I hope to see blogging coming back this year.

Free At-⁠Home COVID-19 Tests

Every U.S. household is eligible to order 4 free at-home COVID-⁠19 tests. I ordered mine. Get yours.

LV Snowboard

I was about to purchase an LV snowboard for $7,450, but I couldn’t find a pair of LV boots and bindings to complete the package. I had to cancel my order. Darn!

Giỗ thứ nhì của mẹ

Hôm nay ngày giỗ mẹ, con mua vài món chay mời mẹ dùng. Cuối tuần chúng con về thăm mộ mẹ. Mới đó mà hai năm đã trôi qua. Trong tim chúng con vẫn luôn có mẹ.

My Heart Breaks for Caroline

A 14-year-old girl who came out last year as a bisexual stabbed her arm to attempt suicide. I sincerely wish she is doing OK and hope she can find the helps she needs. She is Ted Cruz’s daughter.

Websites for All

No need to involve the Supreme Court. I design wedding websites for anyone. Check out my portfolio.

The Ye-Parler Dealbreaker

The real reason behind the acquisition of Parler falling through is that Ye is broke as fuck. As his divorce settled, he has to pay $200,000 per month in child support. There goes his deposit for the conservative social media platform. Thanks Kim!