A while ago Pooja Saxena reached out to me about a project she was working on. She was doing research “to document different models of handwriting that are taught to primary school students around the world.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t help her with that. I referred her to someone else. I am glad to see some information on handwriting education in Vietnamese.

Be Present

As she sends sixth graders off to middle schools, the Laurel Ridge Elementary School principal encourages students to limit their screen time. Check out her short, inspiring message.

The Joy of Writing

Deborah J. Cohan, writing at Psychology Today:

In the process of writing, we clarify our thinking. Often, writing helps us come to know what we know, to discover our argument and to make plain our feelings. When words are translated from our minds to the page, we communicate as only writers can, helping readers discover what we know, make the analytical connections we have discovered, understand the theories we propose, and wrestle with the conclusions we draw.

The process of writing is about entering a conversation—first in our own minds and then ultimately with readers. Being a writer is about having the courage and conviction to dare to be part of a larger conversation. It’s about deepening and extending that conversation by generously offering our distinct angles of vision. When we think about writing like this, it is much more about the opportunity to engage with others to influence the discussion.

This is why I enjoy writing even though I am not a writer.

LCPS Hires Lead Web Developer

Loudoun County Public Schools is seeking a Lead Web Developer (Web Content Manager) to support the work of the Department of Communications and Community Engagement (DCE). Salary Range: $86,293 – $144,497.

Johns Hopkins Hires Web Designer

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School’s Global Marketing and Communications department is seeking an experienced web professional for the position of Assistant Director, Web Strategy and Analytics. Starting salary range from $53,300 to $93,500.

Capital One Hires Design Director

Capital One is seeking an established and dynamic Experience Design leader focused on strategic product vision, design talent growth, and coordinating teams to execute for impact at scale across the Enterprise Data team. The salary range is from $233,100 to $281,800.

Amazon Hires UX Designer

Amazon has an opening for UX Designer in Arlington, VA. The base salary is from from $106,000 to $184,000. Experience prototyping with Flash. What? Amazon still uses Flash?

Áo dài & Biển nhớ

Found a readers’ message in my mailbox. On October 15, 2010, Consolacion Cenalmor and Phat Nguyen wrote:

Hi, Your website is absolutely amazing!

My daughter dragged me to Áo Dài Trắng À Ơi. (she has just completed a degree in costume-making) and I do understand why it raised her interest.

Biển Nhớ brought back so many memories, back to the time I worked as a volunteer in Pulau Bidong refugee camp. As a member of Pulau Bidong Alumni, I guess your piece might be of great interest to lots of former refugees who are trying to revive the story of their puzzled childhood. Do you mind if I add a link to your website?

Thanks again for sharing your interests with us and … don’t worry if blogging is no longer a priority … sure little Công Đạo deserves it! And it will take some time before my husband and I finish exploring your Ali Baba’s cave!

Best regards from France
Consolacion Cenalmor & Phat Nguyen

Thank you!

Parking Tickets in Arlington

While our 2018 Toyota Sienna LE is still at the dealer shop, I have been driving a loaner car to work. Instead of parking in the garage, I parked on the street using the ParkMobile app.

Yesterday on my way to work, I needed to take a shit so bad that I didn’t complete the payment on my phone. I got a parking ticket for $40. I paid online to get it over with. My bad.

Today, I made sure I paid correctly in the morning before I went to my office. When I walked to my car for lunch, an officer had already put a ticket on my windshield. I tried to show her my app, which was still on the clock for another 15 minutes, but she didn’t give a fuck.

After checking the citation and my app, the license letters and numbers didn’t match. They were wrong the whole time. I suspected they were autocorrected when I entered the letters and numbers, but I didn’t double check. I submitted the ParkMobile receipt and the citation, but the Public Safety Support Supervisor didn’t dismiss the ticket. The license letters and numbers didn’t match. He didn’t give a fuck about my error.

I am not going to court for it. I’ll just pay another $40. Life is just a bitch sometimes. I just have to suck it up and pay for my mistakes.

Web Lead

George Washington University School of Nursing is hiring a Web Lead. This position is fully remote. The pay is OK ($57,553.66 – $79,165.63), but the tuition benefit is great.