When You Hate Yourself for Revisiting Old Wounds

You revisit old wounds for the same reason
birds will come back to the places
their nests have been destroyed
The mind walks into the same room
because it wants to know how to fix
those floorboards, paint the walls,
turn this into a more habitable place
if it tries something different from the last time.
This is survival.
This is learning how to live through pain
once the skeletons have decided to walk out
of the closet and refuse to go back in again.
Call it the worst story you have ever owned,
a car crash within your bones
that you cannot stop staring at.
But the only way to understand pain
is to look at it and feel it
without turning away.
There is no shame in this.
Eventually, it will scab over and heal.

Nikita Gill

yesterday & today

yesterday was wonderful
everything is new now
neighbors, house
i feel comfortable here
one step at a time
i find my way (sometimes)
the rest of the time is just learning
my morning routine?
wake up, go for my coffee, and
write in pencil on paper
today i wrote this
different from english
surely i will make a mistake
but that’s okay too
this is unusual, trying to
write vietnamese
i like it very much
thank you, v

dipika kohli


I am so tired of waiting,
Aren’t you,
For the world to become good
And beautiful and kind?
Let us take a knife
And cut the world in two—
And see what worms are eating
At the rind.

Langston Hughes

SDF Treatment

Our three-year-old Vương has two cavity spots on his upper front tooth. His dentist recommended silver diamine fluoride (SDF) treatment to keep his tooth from decaying too quickly. We had an appointment for today. His dentist rubbed the SDF liquid on his tooth. The entire treatment took less than 5 minutes. They charged us $150. My jaw dropped. What a lucrative business.

Corruption on Both Sides of Vietnam

Erik Villard writes about the South Vietnamese corruption in HistoryNet:

Corruption sapped South Vietnam’s military strength when senior officials pocketed money or resources meant for the armed forces, set up rolls of “ghost soldiers” to collect the pay for nonexistent troops, took bribes in exchange for contracts or put personal connections above proven abilities when they doled out jobs.

He concludes:

Corruption continued to be a major problem even after the communists took power. In 2021, Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, which rates countries for corruption on a sale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean) placed Vietnam at 39— a slight improvement from its score of 31 a decade earlier. South Vietnam may have had a problem with corruption, but the communist government has proved to be no more honest.

The Verge Brings Blogging Back

Nilay Patel on the new Verge:

So we sat down and thought about what was really important to us and how to make our homepage valuable every time you open it. We also thought about where we came from and how we built The Verge into what it is today. And we landed on: well shit, we just need to blog more.

So we’re back to basics with something we’re calling the Storystream news feed, right on our homepage. Our plan is to bring the best of old-school blogging to a modern news feed experience and to have our editors and senior reporters constantly updating the site with the best of tech and science news from around the entire internet.

I am glad to see The Verge reinvigorates blogging and I hope to see blogging makes a comeback. I miss reading blogs.

Điều anh hằng mong muốn?

Nhạc dân gian đương đại của Hoàng Thùy Linh không chỉ giai điệu mà luôn cả ca từ cũng hòa lẫn giữa truyền thống và hiện đại. Thí dụ như trong ca khúc “Duyên âm”, nàng đuổi khéo chàng rằng, “Điều anh hằng mong muốn, ba má em sẽ buồn / Anh ơi, anh về đi”. Nếu như nghĩ theo thời xưa thì câu này cũng không có gì ghê gớm lắm. Nhưng nghĩ theo thời nay thì thật là động trời. Điều gì chàng mong muốn mà khiến cho ba má nàng phải buồn? Tôi chỉ nghĩ ra có một điều đó thôi. Đùa chút cho vui thôi. Nếu các bạn hứng thú đọc thêm những phần chơi chữ trong ca từ của những ca khúc của Hoàng Thùy Linh, xem phần đề án nho nhỏ này cho vui.

Just Blog!

Robin Rendle’s latest blog post resenates with me. He writes:

Blog your heart! Blog about something you’ve learned, blog about something you’re interested in… Blog about your annoying kids and your fucked up relationship…

For nearly two decades, I have been blogging like no one is reading. I blogged about my life, my issues, and my fucked ups. I got myself in trouble on a couple occasions when I spoke my mind. I don’t know if blogging has helped or hurt my career, but it definitely has changed my life for better or for worse. Regrets I have a few, but then again, too few to mention. I only slipped up a couple of times in the past 20 years. That was not so bad.

Goodbye 6, Hello 13

My heart broke a little as I had to turn in my iPhone 6 Plus to Verizon. It is still in great condition, but the apps have continued to stop updating. I intended to keep my 6 Plus as long as I could, but a few apps I used for work could no longer update. Since my employer foots the bill, I have to make the upgrade. I was going to go with 14, but Verizon wouldn’t let me trade my 6 for 14 for $300. I chose 13 Pro Max with 256 GB instead. It is definitely a beautiful phone and I hope it will last for at least five years.

10 điều lành

  1. Không sát hại các loài vật, mà phóng sanh.
  2. Không tà hạnh (hạnh không chân chánh), mà tu phạm hạnh.
  3. Không trộm cắp của cải mọi người, mà bố thí.
  4. Không nói dối, mà nói lời thành thật.
  5. Không nói thêu dệt, mà nói lời đúng đắn.
  6. Không nói phân rẻ, mà nói lời hòa giải.
  7. Không nói thô ác, mà nói lời dịu ngọt.
  8. Không tham dục, mà quán bất tịnh.
  9. Không giận hờn, mà quán từ bi.
  10. Không tà kiến (ngu si), mà quán nhân duyên.

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