Parking Tickets in Arlington

While our 2018 Toyota Sienna LE is still at the dealer shop, I have been driving a loaner car to work. Instead of parking in the garage, I parked on the street using the ParkMobile app.

Yesterday on my way to work, I needed to take a shit so bad that I didn’t complete the payment on my phone. I got a parking ticket for $40. I paid online to get it over with. My bad.

Today, I made sure I paid correctly in the morning before I went to my office. When I walked to my car for lunch, an officer had already put a ticket on my windshield. I tried to show her my app, which was still on the clock for another 15 minutes, but she didn’t give a fuck.

After checking the citation and my app, the license letters and numbers didn’t match. They were wrong the whole time. I suspected they were autocorrected when I entered the letters and numbers, but I didn’t double check. I submitted the ParkMobile receipt and the citation, but the Public Safety Support Supervisor didn’t dismiss the ticket. The license letters and numbers didn’t match. He didn’t give a fuck about my error.

I am not going to court for it. I’ll just pay another $40. Life is just a bitch sometimes. I just have to suck it up and pay for my mistakes.

Web Lead

George Washington University School of Nursing is hiring a Web Lead. This position is fully remote. The pay is OK ($57,553.66 – $79,165.63), but the tuition benefit is great.

GT vs. GM

I just happened to come across the Georgia Tech logos. The interlocking GT looks similar to the connecting GM from the George Mason logos. GT refreshed its brand in 2021. GM refreshed its brand last month. New trend?

Berkeley Updated Its Wordmark

Berkeley didn’t go crazy like GM. Its wordmark has been updated for legibility while maintaining its connection to the Goudy typeface. For its typography, however, Berkeley opted for Inter and Source Serif, two open source typefaces. They should have licensed some commercial typefaces. Here’s a great list.

The Obligation

In my early days in American, early 90s, I listened to “I’d Love You to Want Me” many times from Vietnamese singers. I didn’t even listen to Lobo, the original songwriter and singer. My English was pretty bad, but I just loved lines, “The obligation that you made / For the title that they gave.” I didn’t know what “obligation” mean, but I just liked the sound of it. Here I am covering the tune myself.

Google’s Hiring a Designer

Google is searching for a Staff Visual Designer. This full-time position is $168,000-$252,000 + bonus + equity + benefits. Sounds like a good deal. If you’re a designer, take a look. đã 21

Nếu là đứa con, hôm nay nó có thể uống rượu hợp pháp ở Mỹ. Mới đó mà 21 năm đã trôi qua. Trang nhà vẫn còn tồn tại để những người ái mộ Ngọc Lan có thể đến để tưởng nhớ đến cô và đọc lại những dòng kỷ niệm.

Cám ơn anh Trọng đã cùng tôi lập ra trang này. Cám ơn chị Ngọc đã giúp đỡ chúng tôi những năm đầu. Rất cám ơn anh Sinh vẫn cùng tôi suốt 21 năm qua duy trì trang nhà này. Dĩ nhiên không thể quên được các anh chị đã đóng góp tài chính để trả cước phí cho domain name và hosting provider cho đến ngày hôm nay.

Nhân dịp sinh nhật 21 của, tôi xin chia sẻ bức thư của một người ái mộ cô Ngọc Lan. Thư đã viết bằng tay vào ngày 10, tháng 8, năm 2007. Mấy tuần trước tôi tình cờ tìm được và gõ lại chữ để đăng lên đây. Mời các bạn đọc.

A Blog Post as a Study Guide

Yesterday, I helped Xuân reviewing for his test on the Famous American Civil Rights Leaders. We ended up creating a blog post so he can use as a study guide. Good luck on the test tomorrow, son!


All the people
Livin’ life in peace
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one.

Imagine that!

Đán Is Back

I am so glad to see Đán getting back to the skatepark for a bit. Here’s his latest drop in. I still love the clip in which he dropped into a gigantic pipe.