Forms of Đ

Denis Moyogo Jacquerye writes:

Hi Donny,

Thank you for Vietnamese Typography, it’s a great resource.

I’m wondering if it would be worth mentioning the forms of capital Đ with the bar across the whole letter width used in Vietnamese until about the 1980s in the Dyet section of the Diacritical details of Vietnamese Typography. It seems these forms were common in the 1800s and a large part of the 1900s.

For example:

Nguyễn Đình Hoà, Vietnamese-English dictionary, 1966

Của tôi: tập đọc chữ quốc ngữ, 1924

Kind regards
Denis Moyogo Jacquerye

I must admit. The form of capital Đ with the bar across the whole letter is new to me. I don’t recall seeing that. I am not sure when the cross bar was shortened, but it has be been much earlier than 1980s. Though I can’t confirm that. I decided not to include in my book to make it less confusing for type designers since the practice is no longer applicable.

Happy Mother’s Day

My mother, my mother-in-law, and my children’s mother, you are appreciated it.

Gout Attack

Last night I went to bed with a gout attack. I immediately took two Aleve tablets. My stomach got a bit upset, but the pain on my foot subsided. This morning I took another tablet and another one in the evening. That should take care of the attack. I need to stop drinking for a while. I am not sure if alcohol was the culprit or the lamb meat I consumed last Thursday. In any rate, gout attack still sucks.

Traveling to Hà Nội

Winnie Lim shares her favorite things in Hà Nội including sữa chua, kem bơ, and pizza. Damn, now I want to take a trip to North Việt Nam.

A Lovely Note From a Reader

This email from Alfons Grabher made my day:

Hi Donny,

I just wanted to write a quick “lưu ý” to tell you that you absolutely kill me. Your website, Vietnamese Typography, is stunningly beautiful. I visited often in the past few days as I started to learn Vietnamese language. The visual appeal, the great deal of sense and care you put into your online book is really helpful for me, in an emotional as well as practical sense.

Thank you so much,
Best greetings,


Thank you so much!

Ranking Drops

Despite cozying with conservative Supreme Court justices, Scalia Law School drops to #32, tying with O’Connor Law, in U.S. News & World Report. Even with the top law schools dropped out of the ranking, Scalia Law couldn’t rise in rankings.


I am setting my eyes on a pair of Blank by Rollerblade, but I am still holding out because of the $300 price tag. My Flying Eagle is wearing out and I need a bigger coping, but I’ll wait for a better deal.

Ava Zeldman

I started reading Zeldman in the early 2000s. In addition to his regular writing, Zeldman redesigned his site every few months. He had a distinctive style.

I still follow his blog, but he doesn’t write much these days. He hasn’t redesigned his blog after he migrated to WordPress. He just uses TwentyTwenty, a WordPress default template.

Yesterday, he shared a post written by his daughter Ava Zeldman and I ended up reading everything she had posted. I didn’t know much about Ava, but I was hooked on her writing instantly. She is such a fantastic writer just like her dad and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I subscribed to her blog and look forward to reading more of her writing.


Made some minor updates to the branding design page.

Incompetent Idiot

Using money to hide your incompetence only shows that you are a fucking idiot.