Hating On Abrams

Stacey Abrams has not even been picked for the VP spot yet and the right pundits already started swinging at her. They called her names, tried to discredit her accomplishments, and even compared her to their own Sarah Palin.

Their arguments are laughable given who they had voted to run our country. When they put a moron in the White House, they have no credibility to criticize others. They should just shut the fuck up, but they can’t. They are racist and don’t even bother trying to hide it in public anymore.

Although I still hope that Biden will pick Elizabeth Warren as his running mate, I hope that he and his campaign don’t rule out Abrams because of the stupid, racist, right-wing pundits.

The Perfect Response

As the U.S. surpasses 86,000 deaths related to COVID-19, the idiot is in deep fear of losing his reelection. In desperation, he takes shots at the real president. He has been all over Barack with the none-sense Obamagate.

As much as Obama doesn’t deserve to get dragged into the mud, I enjoy seeing the idiot getting all work up on the former president. He knows damn well that he will never reach Obama’s level of intelligent, competence, and popularity. If Obama could run a third term, that idiot would never had a chance at the presidency.

Obama understands that the idiot has been obsessed with him since the birther conspiracy. The way Obama addresses his haters reminded me of how JAY-Z handled his haters. They stayed calm, cool, and wise. On “The Takeover,” JAY-Z brilliantly addressed his haters:

Twinkletoes, you’re breakin’ my heart
You can’t fuck with me; go play somewhere, I’m busy
And all you other cats throwin’ shots at Jigga
You only get half a bar—fuck y’all niggas!

While the other cats get half a bar, the whiny little bitch in the White House gets one word. Obama responded, “Vote.”

Serious Race Issue

I saw the clip of two white men (a father and a son) shot and killed a black kid jogging. The violence shook me to the core. Then I saw another clip of black kids kicking an elderly Asian woman in the face just for the fun of it also broke my heart. Both incidents were outrageous. An unarmed black kid didn’t deserve to die and a defenseless Asian woman didn’t deserve to get kicked in the face either. I am no way comparing a murderous incident to a dumb-yet-disturbing act—they need to be brought to justice—but I want to draw attention to both cases. America, we have a serious race issue that needs to be addressed. We need to stop all these hate crimes.

Coming to the White House

As the idiot trying to reopen America, he is welcoming the unexpected guest into the White House. One of his Oval Office valets tested positive. The press secretary of his ass-kisser tested positive. His daughter’s personal assistant also tested positive. The coronavirus is moving on him like a bitch. Let’s hope it won’t catch up to him. If it does, it won’t grab him by the pussy. It will go straight for his life. That would be a bad case.

Live and Let Not Die

Before the pandemic, I posted a blog post on Facebook arguing how the idiot has ruined America and our democracy. My cousin who is one of the idiot supporters asked me to prove what he has done to ruin our country. I gave her top five items off the top of my head and she refused to believe them. Seeing how his supporters, even my own family members, believe his lies more than facts, I have no hope for getting common sense into them. They will believe his lies no matter what.

As we are facing the crisis of the pandemic, the lying idiot believes in his own lies. Despite the fact that we are losing almost 3,000 lives each day, the idiot wants to reopen the country. When asked if more Americans will die as the result of reckless reopening, he replied, “It could very well be the case.” Knowing damn well that people could die, he still wants Americans to take the risk anyway. He also doesn’t want testing because he argued that, “In a way, by doing all this testing, we make ourselves look bad.” We rather look bad than die? Aren’t we looking bad already? We have the highest cases of COVID-19 and the highest number of deaths in the world. The entire world already knows how the idiot has mishandled the crisis.

As November is coming and the coronavirus is not leaving, he is terrified of losing his reelection. His only distraction is to hype up his own bullshit. Unfortunately, only him and his supporters buy his own bullshit, the coronavirus does not. He gambles with human lives for his own reelection. I don’t know about you, but I do not trust him when it comes to gambling. Look what happened to his casinos. I urge you to think about being his playing cards. You’re not only gambling with your own lives, but others as well. I wouldn’t take that chance for an unstable idiot.

The Losing President

As the country confirmed over a million cases of the coronavirus, the losing president bragged, “We did the right thing. We did an incredible job.” Yes, he and his administration have done such an incredible job that the United States now has more than sixty thousand deaths and more bodies to count. Yes, they have done such an incredible job that more than thirty million Americans have filed for unemployment. Yes, they have done such an incredible job that the economy is predicted to drop 30% in GDP. He boasted, “We built the greatest economy in the history of the world.” Yes, you have done such an incredible job that our economy is as great as the Great Depression.

This pandemic was inevitable, but his unpreparedness made it as catastrophic as it is today. He even admitted himself that he was ill-prepared for it when he said, “Nobody has trained for this, nobody has seen this, I would say, since 1917, which was the greatest of them all, the greatest of this type of battle. Probably the greatest of them all, right? 1917.” Never mind the fact that he didn’t even get the history straight, his Presidency now depends on the outcome of the coronavirus in the next few months. So far it is killing his Presidency.

As his poll numbers are sliding, the losing president is losing his mind. He took it out on his campaign manager. He claimed that he doesn’t care about the polls and stated that, “I believe the people of this country are smart. And I don’t think that they will put a man in who’s incompetent.” Well, look what the people had put in the White House in the last election? Yes, a fucking incompetent. Let’s not repeat that mistake again. Seriously, are you going to vote for someone who thought it would be a good idea to inject disinfectants into your body? If yes, then you’re a fucking idiot as well.

Medical Advice From a Stable Genius

A very stable genius has an ingenious medical advice for his supporters to fight the coronavirus. If you support him and follow his suggestion, particular the stay-at-home protesters, make sure you inject disinfectant before you leave your house. That way you won’t spread the coronavirus to each other. Even if disinfectant wouldn’t help killing the coronavirus, it would help sanitizing your brain.

You all laughed when Obama suggested that we pump air into our car tires to reduce oil consumption. Now your leader suggests pumping disinfectant into your body to kill the coronavirus. Who’s got the last laugh now?

The Broken America

George Packer writes in The Atlantic:

If the pandemic really is a kind of war, it’s the first to be fought on this soil in a century and a half. Invasion and occupation expose a society’s fault lines, exaggerating what goes unnoticed or accepted in peacetime, clarifying essential truths, raising the smell of buried rot.

The virus should have united Americans against a common threat. With different leadership, it might have. Instead, even as it spread from blue to red areas, attitudes broke down along familiar partisan lines. The virus also should have been a great leveler. You don’t have to be in the military or in debt to be a target—you just have to be human. But from the start, its effects have been skewed by the inequality that we’ve tolerated for so long. When tests for the virus were almost impossible to find, the wealthy and connected—the model and reality-TV host Heidi Klum, the entire roster of the Brooklyn Nets, the president’s conservative allies—were somehow able to get tested, despite many showing no symptoms. The smattering of individual results did nothing to protect public health. Meanwhile, ordinary people with fevers and chills had to wait in long and possibly infectious lines, only to be turned away because they weren’t actually suffocating. An internet joke proposed that the only way to find out whether you had the virus was to sneeze in a rich person’s face.

Packer hits the core of what went wrong with our country. A must-read essay.


The crazy president loves to blow facts out of proportion so his supporters can go nuts. In regarding to abortion, even two of my cousins who earned college degrees misunderstood the issue. Our governor (of Virginia) Ralph Northam who was a physician proposed a bill that allows parents to provide palliative care in extremely rare cases where an infant is born with severe birth defects or that a fetus is nonviable with no other options. The sociopath goes as far as saying that the Democrats wanted to kill babies. His supporters took that and rolled with it. One of my cousins explained to me that the bill allows women to have a late-term abortion—even if a baby is healthy—if they feel depress or can’t afford to raise the child. My initial reaction was, “What the fuck is he talking about?” Then I realized he supports that fucking lunatic. No one in our right mind supports infanticide ever, but this is where we are at.

Virginia is also working on gun safety bills, which include banning military-style weapons and bump stocks as well as keeping guns away from children and domestic abusers. These bills have nothing to do with banning guns, and yet, the psychopath touted that Democrats are taking guns away from gun owners. According to Children’s Hospital, 89 percent of children accidentally shot and killed each other at home each year. The victims of domestic violence, which included children and women, were killed by their abuser with guns in their own home. Apparently, the crazy president is fine with those killings.

In his latest aim at Virginia, he tweeted, “LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!” He is obsessed and crazy about Virginia because Democrats control both the House and Senate. We don’t give a fuck about him. We’ll reopen business when we feel safe to do so. As Northam responded, “As the governor of the commonwealth of Virginia I, along with my staff, are fighting a biological war. I do not have time to involve myself in Twitter wars. I will continue to do everything that I can to keep Virginia safe and to save lives.” I am glad we have a competent, smart leader in our state. Also, let’s vote this nutcase out of the White House in November.


Let’s just call him for what he is: a crazy motherfucker. More disturbingly, his hallucinated supporters worship his craziness. If the anti-lockdown protestors only put themselves at risk, they can have all the rallies they want and spread coronavirus among themselves. Unfortunately, their reckless action affects human lives and that is a crisis we cannot accept. If they disregard facts and science at this point then they are too ignorant and too stupid to understand the truth.

We have a lunatic running our country. His mental health is deteriorating and his insanity is a threat to our democracy and to our safety. He cuts funding for the World Health Organization in the middle of a fucking pandemic. Hong Kong, which could have had a significant impact from mainland China, only had four deaths out of 715 confirmed cases. How did Hong Kong have the coronavirus under control? That’s right, it followed the WHO’s guidelines. Our deranged leader ignored WHO’s advice. He also ignores our health experts and continues to endorse hydroxychloroquine, which has no treatment for the coronavirus and could increase the risk of cardiac arrest.

The coronavirus is a threat to our lives, but we can control it by stopping its spread. An unhinged leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world is a much bigger destruction and we need to stop his craziness from destroying this nation. He is sick. We should do him a favor by voting him out this November. With such a severe mental illness, he won’t last in another four-year term.