Virginia Swings Left Again

I voted yesterday. I didn’t even know any of the candidates. I just filled in the names with a D next to them. If there were no D next to their names, I relied on the sample ballot handed out by the Democrats. I don’t care for the Democrats. I just can’t stand the Republicans. I was also glad that the Democrat incumbent beat the Vietnamese-American MAGA magnet in District 9. He was such a joke. Flipping the House of Delegates is a huge blow to Youngkin’s right-wing agenda and his limits on access to abortion.

Re-elect Delegate Karrie Delaney

Virginians, if you live in the 67th district, you must re-elect Delegate Karrie Delaney because her challenger is a nutcase. He’s still a Trumper who uses fear tactics to get votes. He’s attacking Ms. Delaney a communist because he knows the Vietnamese community in Virginia hates the communists. In fact, he would label anyone communists if they disagreed with him.

I want to support a fellow Vietnamese-American candidate, but this guy is wrong for the job. He is stuck in the far-right bubble. If he isn’t Asian, he would join the Proud Boys. I had a few political exchanges with him and he quoted misleading and misinformation sources. We can’t have someone who can’t tell opinions from facts to represent us.

Furthermore, I doubt that he will be able to perform his public duty when he couldn’t even get his own life together. When he volunteered to teach our children Vietnamese, he failed to show up just for 45 minutes a week. Even just a small commitment he couldn’t keep. He isn’t going to commit to being a serious delegate. I wouldn’t vote for him if I were in his district. Please vote for Delegate Delaney.

There, I did my civic duty.

Politics is a Bitch

Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, and Mike Pence have entered the race. These candidates had once worshipped the ground Trump spat on. Now they all are fighting against him. Ain’t politics a motherfucking bitch? Chris Christie is expected to run as well. Can’t wait to see the GOP pigsty fights.

As for the Democrats, I would like to see a challenger. I am not ageism because I am half of Biden’s age and I already feel so fucking old. Then again, Biden has made historic legislative achievements in his first term. He’ll get more done in his second term. We’ll see.

Comeback to What?

Ron DeSantis has entered the 2024 presidential race. In his announcement, he boasts, “I’m running for president to lead our Great American Comeback.” Comeback to what? As a governor of Florida, DeSantis leads the fight in banning books. In what period of America was reading being banned? Remember the acts against the education of slaves South Carolina, 1740 and Virginia, 1819? His messages and his actions in Florida are loud and clear. DeSantis wants to take our Great America back to slavery.

Ageism is Bullshit

Since Biden won the presidency in 2020, I have been liberated from politics. I haven’t paid attention to politics. I haven’t discussed politics. I haven’t blogged about politics.

Despite all the attacks, Biden has passed essential legislations. He got us out of the pandemic. His biggest victory was beating the whiny little bitch and he will do it again.

Biden has announced his 2024 reelection bid and both sides have criticized him on his age. I am sure Biden will make it to his 90s so let’s just stop the ageism bullshit. I will vote for him over that orange shit any time.

If, God forbidden, something will happen to him during his second term, Kamala Harris will be more than ready to step in. So let’s also stop the sexism. Again, I would pick President Harris over the piece of shit on the other side any time.

The Great Replacement

Fox News used the great replacement theory to replace Tucker Carlson. How does it feel getting whipped by your own cane, Tucker? The firing shows that no job is secured—even the top-rated asshole like Tucker.

Let’s face it. Fox News is fake and bullshit. That’s why the network had dropped “fair and balanced” years ago. If you still watch and trust Fox News—after what Dominion has exposed—then you need to get a reality check.

Political Project

A few weeks ago, Đạo asked me to help him with his project for civic class. The assignment was to create a third-party campaign t-shirt. He selected gun control.

We tossed around a few names and decided to go with The LORD, which stands for Live Over Rifle Demographics. We then came up with a slogan, “Enough is enough. Let’s end gun violence.”

For the t-shirt design, I suggested that he typeset the word LORD in big, bold letters with the acronym spelled out. He also drew an assault rifle with a cross at the barrel. I was a bit worried that it might be controversial.

Yesterday, I received his progress report from his teacher and he received 32/32—a perfect score. School projects can be fun when you put some effort into them. I have always encouraged him to come to me if he needs help with his projects and assignments. I am more than happy to provide feedback and suggestions.


I haven’t been following politics, which has been good for my mental health. I have grown wearied of both sides on many issues, particularly on gun control. Both parties have moved further to their side. There is no longer a middle ground. While I am with the conservative on ending affirmative action in education, I am still with the liberal on abortion.

With education, my kids can go to George Mason if they can’t go to Harvard. They still have their choices of college. With abortion, women don’t have a choice if Republicans have their way. Between a choice of education and a choice for women, I have to go with the latter. As a result, I voted blue.

That’s it. I have done my part on election day. I am now going back to blogging anything but politics.

America Fails to Protect Our Children Again

Before picking up my sons from school yesterday, I went to the skatepark. I spotted three mothers sitting on the bench outside chatting while a half dozen kindergarteners were playing inside the skatepark with no skates. They must have enjoyed sliding down the high ramps more than the slides at the outside playgrounds. As I started to skate, I heard a voice saying something. When I turned around, I saw a little girl looking at me with disappointment on her face. I skated closer to her and said, “Hi. I am sorry. I didn’t mean to ignore you. I didn’t realize that you were talking to me. What were you saying?” She smiled again and said, “You look so cool. How do you do that?” I replied, “Thank you! I just practiced a lot.” As I skated up the ramp, she ran behind me and tried to climb up the ramp as well. As I dropped down, she slid down on her butt. She was smiling the entire time. Looking at the little girl, I just can’t imagine how someone would pull a trigger and murder innocent little kids. After the Sandy Hook massacre and the recent mass shooting took place in Uvalde, however, I no longer question the minds of the crazy motherfuckers.

What I don’t understand is that we simply watched our children getting murdered again, again, and again. All that we had to offer were fucking thoughts and prayers every single time. As one of the most powerful nations in the world, we can’t even protect our children in the environment where they learn. School is not a war zone. School is supposed to be the safest place for kids, and yet they get murdered repeatedly. Why haven’t we, as the United States of America, done anything to prevent this tragedy from happening again, again, and again? Shouldn’t we have some gun control or reform by now? No, because we are too damn divided. Republican lawmakers don’t give a fuck. They only cared about money and power. As long as gun lobbies send them financial support, they won’t make a change. Democrats have been talking about gun control every time a mass-shooting took place, and yet they have done a fucking thing about it. Talk is fucking cheap when they can’t turn it to action. We are all complicit because we haven’t done anything to prevent the preventable.

Will anything ever going to change or will we just continue to watch more kids getting murdered and continue to offer our bullshit thoughts and prayers. If we seriously give a thought or a damn, we have to do something about it. If we care about this country and our children, we just can’t let these massacres go on. Unfortunately, I doubt that anything will ever change because the truth is we are one nation under guns. We love our guns more than our children or else we would have laws in place to keep our guns from killing our children. I have lost my faith in America to solve this issue. There is no way to prevent this.

Another School Shooting in America

Nineteen children and two adults have been killed inside an elementary school. America, how do we keep letting these acts of gun violence repeating again, again, and again? When can we do something about this? How many more lives do we need to lose before we could for come together to solve this issue? Gun violence shouldn’t be a Democrats-vs-Republicans, gun-rights-vs-gun-controls issue. It should be a human-life issue. Please America, I am begging you to unite and to come up with a solution to prevent more Americans from get killed by guns.