Chin Diaper

As the mask debate continued at our Scout pack, one of the parents who is a dentist chimed in:

Lastly I’ll add, that I also am not a big fan of the political show of non effective masks mandates. As a man of science (I got a bachelor of science in biology, and went on to become a doctor taking plenty more science classes like virology, immunology, pathology, and tons of microbiology) I think it’s a joke that half the time people wear masks like a chin diaper, I’ve yet to meet a kid or adult, who has correctly don and doff his/her mask, it’s funny to me that putting on a cloth mask makes people feel safe against covid (especially omincron) when what really needs to be worn for protection is a fitted and sealed 95 level mask…

My response:

Thanks for the scientific information. I must confess. I got a kick out of the “chin diaper” analogy. If nothing else, we should continue to wear masks for that reason. It is not a bad idea for some of us, myself included, to cover up our shit. LOL! Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

On a serious note, we are indeed living in deeply divided times. As I dropped off my kids this morning, I was checking around to see if I should let them into the building or drive them back home. I was worried for their safety not from Covid but from some mom who threatened to “bring every single gun loaded” to school.

I know we’re not to delve into this topic anymore, but I appreciate the open discussion N has put forward. Even if we don’t see eye to eye on these issues, I hope that we can agree to disagree.

OK I will shut up now. Have a great Tuesday!

In Respond to Masking Controversy

A parent as our kids’ Scout uses Youngkin’s executive order ending mask mandates in public schools to attract attention. I am not posting his email because I don’t have permission. I am just going to post my responses. Here’s my first reply:

According to the state law, FCPS must adhere to the CDC guidelines; therefore, universal masking is still in place—at least until August 1, 2022.

From what I had observed, the kids didn’t seem to mind wearing masks at Scout meetings. The Cubs seemed to enjoy the activities the leaders had created.

Masking is not a political issue. Masking is a safety issue. We all have family members who had been infected with Covid or had died of Covid. I am sure some of us had been infected ourselves. If you think masking is a communist tactic then you must not have lived under the communist regime. You need to check your privilege.

In his reply, the president of our pack wrote:

If you and your kids follow the rule to wear mask then you and your kids are more than welcome to join us at our scouting events. If you refuse to do so then this lien doan will not be the right place for you.

Knowing his calm personality, it must be very difficult for him to write those words, but I support and respect his firmness and leadership. He puts our Liên Đoàn’s safety first. Since we started Scouting again, we hadn’t had a single case of Covid in our Liên Đoàn. Masking must have worked; therefore, I strongly encourage everyone to continue to make it a safe environment for all of us.

Sincerely yours,

Donny Truong

Here’s my follow-up respond:

As I said, Covid touched all of us one way or another. The members of this Liên Đoàn weren’t Covid-proof, but we did our part to keep this community safe. If we got sick, we stayed home. If we gathered indoors, we masked up. The members didn’t have to report their case and I didn’t need to know about their private health information. All I knew was that there was zero case in which Liên Đoàn had to cancel an in-person meeting due to Covid. There was zero case in which we spread the virus to each other during meetings. This is one of the reasons I have chosen to stay with this Liên Đoàn and dropped other activities where masks were recommended and not required.

As anyone who had fled Vietnam, which is all of us here, knew a thing or two about the communist. Accusing Liên Đoàn of using the communist tactics is low blow. We understand the difference between common sense and communism. Don’t let your hatred cloud your judgment.

I am not here to discuss your political agenda. I frankly don’t care. I am deeply concerned about the health and the safety of our Liên Đoàn, particularly our kids. Call it “fear-mongering” all you want, but I feel safe that the leaders have reaffirmed the mask mandate is still in place. When this policy changes, however, I would appreciate it if Liên Đoàn would let us know ahead of time before any future meeting.

Thanks for your time.


Donny Truong

Politicking as Usual

At my sons’ Scout pack, a parent posted the following message on the sign-up sheet for food allergy: “Crazy Liberals/Socialists/Communists.” The Scout leaders called him out, but he defended himself with “emotional allergies” and PTSD. As much as I don’t want to get involve in politics at my kids’ Scouting, I had to speak up:

Hi all,

I agree with the committee chair and the leaders. There is the right place and the right time for everything. Being snarky on the potluck sign-up sheet is inappropriate.

On the personal level, however, I appreciate the allergic alert. I will do my best to keep a distance from those who suffer from “emotional allergies” in our Scout meetings. I don’t want to cause any harm to their brittle emotions and sensitive reactions. I might be one of those “Crazy-Ass Liberals/Socialists/Communists.” I am not so sure. I am still waiting on my free healthcare to get an evaluation. If there’s any parent who is a psychiatrist, please let me know.

His behavior has become more and more erratic ever since the Orange Clown lost the White House. Maybe he is suffering from PTSD.

Delta Variant Invading Virginia

I woke early this morning and was saddened by Virginia’s election results until I read that Van Jones called Glenn Youngkin a “delta variant of Trumpism.” It’s true and dangerous, but also hilarious. I have learned the hard way not to invest myself and my emotion into politics.

Like anything in life, politics is just a game. Like any competitive, one-on-one sport, you win some you lose some. As much as I was rooting for the Democratic Party, I had a feeling that they won’t beat the odd this time. The results are in and we just have to accept them. It is the way democracy work. I did my part, but I have only one voice and one vote. Nothing I can do about the results.

We have lived and survived four years under Trump. Just when we thought he was done and gone, a variant of him has shown up. The threat of a “delta variant of Trumpism” is real and it is invading our state. We need to be careful and to protect ourselves, our family, and our community.

I am not going to get mad and depress. I can zone out politics and focus on something else more meaningful to me like skating, reading, or blogging. I am going to keep my head up and just moving forward.

I Voted

I voted for Democrats up and down the ballot to keep Virginia Blue. Virginia has been progressing and thriving under Democrats. If Republicans take control, we will be heading backward.

As I had pointed out, Glenn Youngkin is simply too dangerous for Virginia. If elected, he will bring in Trump’s racist agenda and Republicans’ death cult to our state. We cannot let him win.

Terry McAuliffe made some parents upset, but I am not mad at him. He had done well for Virginia in his previous term. Let’s give him one more term to make Virginia even better.

I made my case, I voted, and I hope McAuliffe will win, but I won’t let the results get to me if the election won’t turn out the way I wanted. I’ve done my part and that’s all I can do. I don’t want to keep up with politics. I don’t want to follow the news. The previous presidency was very bad for my mental health. I do not want to get myself caught up in it again.

I avoided political discussions at Scout meetings and camping trips. I started talking about ice skating and rollerblading instead and other parents have no interest whatsoever. I encouraged them to start skating and they shook their heads.

My point is that I am aware of politics and I participate in elections, but I am not doing anything beyond that. I don’t want to get involved or to get into arguments in politics. Fuck them.

Why Glenn Youngkin is Dangerous for Virginia

I haven’t written about politics on this blog and I don’t want to, but I have to draw your attention to the governor race between Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin if you live in Virginia. We must vote for McAuliffe because the Youngkin is too damn dangerous for Virginia and here are some of the reasons:

  1. Youngkin embraces Ron DeSantis’ mishandling of the COVID-19 for Virginia.
  2. Youngkin opposes mask mandates in public schools in Virginia.
  3. Youngkin criticizes Virginia universities for requiring students to be vaccinated.
  4. Youngkin touts dangerous anti-vaccine rhetoric in Virginia.
  5. Youngkin supports Texas’ abortion ban in Virginia.
  6. Youngkin plans to defund Planned Parenthoods in Virginia.
  7. Youngkin aims to roll back gun-safety laws in Virginia.
  8. Youngkin proposes an anti-education tax plan that would be a disaster for public schools in Virginia.
  9. Youngkin walks the dangerous line on baseless claims of election fraud in Virginia.
  10. Youngkin brings Trump’s toxic agenda to Virginia.

Let’s keep Trump’s hatred out of the state for lovers. Youngkin, a Trump disciple, has no place in Virginia. Early voting begins on October 17, go cast your ballot for Terry McAuliffe and the Democrats. Let’s keep Virginia blue.

Here We Go Again

As I was hanging with my kids on a beautiful Friday morning, my phone was beeping off the hook. There were over 30 messages about our kids’ scouting activities. I agreed to be part of this group text so that I can receive information from the Scout leaders reminding us about things we need to do for our kids. As I scrolled through the text, Trump Supporter #1 texted:

LoL … ghosts have no voting rights … well, unless you are a dems …

Trump Supporter #2 replied:

One thing is for sure. I cant be at [two places] at once as I have a sub and a regular scout … unless I voted for Biden … which I did nit…

This wasn’t the first time that these guys brought up politics into the Boy Scout activities. Since none of the leaders seemed to concern, I replied back:

Wow, tons of messages to catch up. I appreciate receiving information on our scouting activities, but please spare me from political banters and uninitiated sarcasms. Thank you!

Trump Supporter #1 responded:

🙂 Why should you be spare? Under socialism, everyone shares misery equally..

If America could survive four years under Trump, he can live eight years under Biden. Politics is a bitch and she bites. Don’t hate the players, hate the game.

I didn’t respond because I wanted to spare other parents from these political arguments. I also didn’t want to feed into these sore losers. I had been fed up with these Vietnamese Trump supporters. I had removed myself from the parents’ social exchange during the Scout meetings. I either went to the skatepark or just read a book alone while waiting for my kids. Now I have to deal with them through text messages. If these comments continue, I will request to be removed from the list.

It had been so peaceful since the Orange turd had gone. I really don’t want to hear anymore of his shit nor his supporters’ shit. Leave me out of it.

America is Fucked

Mass shootings, domestic violence, police killing civilians, Americans are killed by guns every day. Every time I glanced at the news, someone just got shot somewhere in America. Yesterday I was angry, hopeless and speechless once again to learn that a police officer had shot a sixteen-year-old Black girl four times. Through a body camera, we learned that she was holding a knife and attacking two people. Did she deserve to be killed?

She was a kid and kids don’t know any better. The situation could have been de-escalated without killing her. She was bringing a knife to a gunfight. One shot in her leg could have taken her down. Unloading four bullets on her was unnecessary. Not every situation had to be fatal. We badly need police reforms.

We also badly need gun reforms. Too many innocent lives have been lost if we continue not to do anything about this. Thoughts and prayers clearly don’t work. We need real actions. Human lives should not be a political issue, but I am sounding like a broken record here. How can one of the greatest countries in the world have failed to keep its people safe from gun violence?

Electing Virginia’s Next Governor

Early voting for Virginia’s next governor will begin on April 24, 2021. I am impressed with the diverse candidates in the Democratic party. Senator Jennifer McClellan and former Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy have entered the race. Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax has also thrown his hat into the ring.

After careful research and consideration, I have to go with a 64-year-old White man, Terry McAuliffe, based on his records as our governor in the past. One of McAuliffe’s most notable accomplishments was leading Democrats to victories in the 2017 statewide elections. McAuliffe supported gun control, same-sex marriage, abortion rights, and voting rights.

To keep Virginia blue, I am supporting Terry McAuliffe as our returning governor.

Biden’s Success in Controlling the Pandemic

I haven’t written much about politics lately, but I am fed up with the ageism against President Biden and the mocking of his stuttering condition from Republicans and the Orange Idiot supporters.

Let’s take a look at what Biden had accomplished in less than 100 days into his tenure. He passed a $1.9 trillion COVID-relief package, which included $1,400 stimulus checks, with no Republican support. His vaccine campaign is a huge success.

He made the commitment to deliver 100 million shots in his first 100 days in office. Not only he will meet that goal, but he has also doubled that number. Each day, 2.5 million Americans are vaccinated. More than 87 million Americans have received at least one dose of a vaccine.

Hating on Biden all you want, but he is cleaning up this crisis from the previous incompetent president. With substantial surges in new cases in Europe and Brazil, I can’t imagine what we would be facing right now if that clown were still in the White House. So let’s be thankful that Biden and his administration are putting the pandemic under control.

As more states are planning to make vaccines eligible to all adults by mid-April, I can’t wait to get my shot. It was so tempting to register as a smoker to get ahead, but I’ll wait for my turn.