New Skis, Too

I am now a married Asian male addicted to retail, and well… I bought a pair of new skis after buying a new snowboard yesterday. I copped a pair of 2023 Fischer RC Fire SLR Pro Skis (155cm) with RS 9 SLR Bindings for $202.50 (55% off original price). I love skiing as much as snowboarding; therefore, I might as well enjoy a new toy. As much as I love my two used pairs released in 2008, I need to retire them. They served me well. They accompanied me from the bunny slopes to the double black diamonds. It’s time for me to move on. It looks like I am going to keep skiing and snowboarding for many years to come; therefore, I should invest in my equipments. I hope this is going to a snowy winter. The last two years, particular last year, was pathetic. We didn’t even have a snowday. I am so done with this hotter-than-hell summer.

Bought My First New Snowboard

After months of searching and spending almost the entire day yesterday, I finally found the right snowboard at the right price. I hope I made the right decision.

Even though I already have 2 used boards, I wanted to treat myself to a new snowboard. I had my eyes on the 2022/2023 Arbor Coda Rocker for $300 (50% off original price). Before making the purchase, I did some research on rocker vs. camber. The rocker is designed for beginners so that they don’t catch the edge. Both of the used boards are cambers; therefore, my learning experience last season was miserable. I caught the edges constantly. I should have started with a rocker board, but then I already got over that learning curve.

My goal for the coming season is to learn carving; therefore, I want to continue with the camber profile. The lowest price for the 2022/2023 Arbor Coda Camber is $360, which is still pricey. Then I came across the 2023 Nidecker Thruster for $250. After reading some reviews, I purchased the board. An hour later, I canceled my purchase after reading the chart from Nidecker site, which recommends the 150-cm Thruster for riders between 121-143 pounds. I am pushing 166 pounds; therefore, I need at least 153cm. I have been having a hard time keeping my weight down.

As I digged around some more, I came across the 2022/2023 Head e-Pulse LYT for $322 (the original price was $660). This board is packed with advanced technology, including EMC (Energy Management Circuit). I could not find any review for this board, except for a Japanese rider. I couldn’t understand Japanese. The board is a hybrid camber; therefore, I was not sure.

After wasting so much time, I got frustrated and almost gave up. I just scroll endlessly on Google shopping and landed on the 2023 Salomon Super 8 for $265 (half off $530). The board is 154-cm long, which fits my weight, with decent reviews. The backseat camber sounds great for carving. After I made the purchase, Crossroads Skateshop pulled it off its website. I am looking forward to receiving the Super 8 and I can’t hardly wait to ride it in the winter.

No Access to the Skatepark

I love taking the shuttle to work, but the major drawback is not having access to the skatepark. In fact, I have been sitting in my office for almost the entire day. I don’t even feel motivated to walk around the campus during my lunch break. I need to figure out something to keep me active.

I still go to the skatepark with my kids after work. My four-year-old Vương finally started to like his balanced bike. He can bike down smaller ramps. The smiles on his face looked so darn cute every time he made down the ramps.

As for me, I made a small improvement. I can jump into a quarter pipe without using the coping. Đán had done it for quite a while. Đạo did it a few months ago. It took me a while because the last time I jumped in, I fell backward and hit my head. I also lost a pair of glasses. I couldn’t remember where I placed it after I felt the impact on my head. Luckily I had a helmet on. I will always wear a helmet for these types of sports.

My backward skating is also getting better. Skating backward off the ramp feels great. I tried to reach higher a bit each time until my right foot hit the coping. I want to get over the middle spine of the two quarter ramps, but I haven’t been able to pull off. Đán did it when the park was first renovated. He’s brave and he also has the skills. He just lacks the motivation and the discipline. His mind is all about video games. It kills me.

In Search of a New Board

I want to treat myself to a brand new snowboard for the next season. My budget is between $200 to $300. I have been doing a bit of research on rocker vs. camber. Apparently both of my used boards are cambers. No wonder I caught the edge so many times last season as a beginner snowboarder. From what I learned, rocker is a bit easier to learn for beginner. I didn’t know that. Since I had passed the edge-catching phrase, I want to continue with a camber.

After many months of looking, I finally came across a great deal: The 2023 Nidecker All-Mountain Thruster. It is on sale for $250. I bought the 150cm-long board instantly. Then I checked the Nidecker website and the chart recommends the 150cm board for riders between 121-143bls. Unfortunately, I am way over that range. I need a 156cm board.

I am not sure if 6 cm would make a different, but I better follow the recommendation. I tried to learn on a 143cm board, but it was not stable when I was riding down the blue terrain. My 156cm board was much more stable for me to ride.

I cancelled my order. Now I am back looking for a good deal on a snowboard. I might end up with a rocker or I’ll just use my 17-year-old board.

Đạo Goes Aggressive

My wife bought Đạo a pair of USD Sway 60 XXI. It’s pretty slick. His feet are now as long as mines. In case he can’t wear it, I’ll take over. Fortunately, the boots fit him and he enjoys skating in them. Can’t wait to see what he can do with them.

Since the family reunion, we haven’t skated much. Since I started taking the shuttle to work, I haven’t skated during my lunch time like I used to. I don’t want to lose the little skills I have.

I need to figure out a routine to put rollerblading back on.

Back to Walking

I just returned my parking permit and gate-access card. I made the commitment to take the shuttle to work. The only thing I missed not having access to my car is going to the skatepark during my lunch break. I will make that up in the evening after work.

For my lunch break, I will be walking to the library or the bookstore. I haven’t set my foot in Barnes & Noble in years. I need to do some exercise to keep myself active. I started ice skating again, but my skills are rusty. I am relearning the techniques I had mapped out for myself. I am wondering if I should go back to retaking group lessons. Private lessons are too expensive for me.

I am still snowboarding in my basement. I can’t wait to get back on the snow again. I want to learn carving on both snowboarding and skiing. I found a few snowboard on sales for $250 or less, but I haven’t made a decision to purchase yet. I am still searching.

While rollerblading, I met a guy who taught skateboarding to young kids. His rate is only $25 an hour. It’s very reasonable. I asked my kids to take lessons, but they refused. They are sticking with skating and scootering. I am still in search for aggressive skates for Đạo and myself.

Blading on the Boardwalk

While vacationing at Wildwood with my family last week, I woke up at 6:00 AM every morning to rollerblade on the boardwalk before everyone else woke up. I skated with my three-wheel YF YouFu. They were a bit bumpy the first day, but I quickly got used to them. I skated about three miles each day. I loved the morning breeze as well as the time to myself. I would love for my kids to join me, but they didn’t want to wake up early. They also preferred biking on the boardwalk.

While spending time at the beach, I was dreaming of skiing and snowboarding. I missed the snow. I still snowboard in my basement each day to learn my stances and my edges. I came across a clip from Thrive Snowboards showing how to ride on the steep slopes. I can’t wait to try out the techniques. I received my Epic pass for next year already. Let’s hope for lots of snow in the coming winter.

The summer is not even over yet, and I already am looking forward to the winter. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Đán’s Shredding It

Đán is a natural rollerblader, but he lacks the motivation. He rather plays on his PC than blading at the skatepark. Getting him out of the house always created tensions. He would throw a tantrum when I asked him to go out. I would get infuriated watching him and his brothers fixed to their screens. I no longer make it optional to get out of the house. They need to get out even if they don’t skate.

Đán outgrew his rollerblades. He couldn’t do much with them at the skatepark, but he refused to make the switch to aggressive skates. Last week, I bought him a pair of USD Transformer skates from Marketplace. I took away his old rollerblades and asked him to give the aggressive skates a try. He put them on and he was just shredding it. He could jump over the spines on the half pipes. He could blade over the ramps. He could drop into the bowl from the deep end.

With the copings on the aggressive skates, he can stall, grind, and do more tricks. I hope he will be motivated again to push himself further. Blading can keep himself physically active, mentally strong, and morally sound.

Bought a Pair of USD Transformer

I reactivated my Facebook account. I needed to access Marketplace to sell and buy used things. I listed a bunch of ice skates, hockey skates, aggressive skates, roller skates, and rollerblades. I haven’t sold anything and yet I bought a pair of USD Kids Transformer aggressive skates for Đán. It was sold for $50 and the condition was pretty new. It seems like the previous owner only skated for a few times. Đán seems to like it. I hope the skates will motivate him to learn more tricks at the skatepark.

When I made the transition from rollerblade to aggressive skates, I didn’t want to switch back. Aggressive skates provide more stability at the skateparks than rollerblades. I wouldn’t drop in using rollerblades, but Đạo and Đán didn’t seem to have any problem. They dropped in just fine. They just can’t stall or grind on rollerblades.

I am looking for another pair for Đạo. Hopefully, I’ll come across a great deal. Although I reactivated Facebook, I hadn’t posted anything. Facebook is becoming a ghost time. I get more junk posts from Facebook than from my family and friends.

$1,000 New Equipments

I have been spending some time researching and searching for new sports equipments. I would like Đạo and Đán to switch over to aggressive skates instead of rollerblades so they can do more tricks at the skateparks. I also would like a new pair of aggressive skates because the coping on my Flying Eagle is way too small. Stalling on it is way too hard. Aggressive skates are way too expensive. I couldn’t find anything decent for under $250.

I am also looking to get Đán a snowboard, a pair of bindings, and a pair of boots. The entire packet would cost at least $500. We’ll do rental for him again next year since he’s still growing and he’s quite picky about the board. I have a two really old boards. The shorter one I am using in the basement to train during off season. The longer one I will use for the winter, but it is not too great. I bought a new pair of bindings last season. I would like to get a new board, but I couldn’t find anything under $250.

If I want to get some new gears (three pair of aggressive skates and a snowboard), I have to spend at least $1,000. I am less concerned about the money, but more concerned about Đạo and Đán not using them. They are becoming less interested in skating. Yesterday evening, when I asked Đán to go to the skatepark, he threw a tantrum. He just wanted to play video games instead. I was infuriated. I wanted them to be active instead of just sitting on their behinds playing on their digital devices all day, especially in the summer.