20 Years of Blogging

I have been blogging since 2003, but I can’t recall the exact date when I first started. In the last few days, I have been digging around the Wayback Machine trying to piece everything together. Thanks goodness for the Internet Archive, I have been able to repost my early entries and put together a timeline.

In 1999, I created Donny Digital Design Studio. According to the about page I had written, D3 was born out of a class project (Electronic Visual Communication) at La Salle University. It then evolved into my online portfolio and digital design studio.

In January 2003, I added journal entries to D3 Studio. I wrote the entries manually because the URLs included 0103.php, 0203.php, and 0303.php. I have brought these entries into this blog.

In April 2003, I changed the name from D3 Studio to Visualgui. I also started using B2 for blogging. From 2003 to January 2004, I ran into hosting issues. My site was down often. In addition, B2 had been abandoned.

In February 2004, I migrated Visualgui to Lunarpages. I also started fresh with WordPress, which was forked from B2. I wrote a quick update about it.

Visualgui was running smoothly for many years under Lunarpages until HostPapa scooped up it in 2019. After the acquisition was completed, HostPapa tried to squeeze more money from Lunarpages customers. In September 2021, I was done with HostPapa and moved over to DigitalOcean. I am happy with DigitalOcean Droplets ever since.

I still can’t believe I have been blogging for 20 years. The earliest entry I could find was on January 22, 2003; therefore, I will use that as the anniversary date. I can’t recall how I got into blogging, but it has to be the longest hobby I have ever picked up and stuck with it until this day.

Blogging has been an outlet for both my professional career and my personal development. I loved web design, but I needed my own space to play around with my design. I need a space where I could design whatever I wanted and not have to do what my clients wanted. It was liberating to show off my own design. There were times I was so burned out with web design and development, but this blog has kept me going. It nurtures me to do my professional job.

For my personal development, I didn’t feel comfortable writing in English since the first day I set my foot in America—I was eleven years old. Throughout my educational years, I never showed anyone my writings except for my teachers who graded my papers. Even after I graduated from college, I never wanted to write because I was too afraid to show my terrible writings, which were filled with grammatical errors, misspellings, awkward flows, and improper use of language. Blogging had changed all of that. I could write freely and I didn’t even care about all the technicalities. I just wanted to type words into the black box and hit publish. I could write about anything on my mind and it could be read around the world.

Days after days, I thought I would run out of things to write about, but I am still here writing like no one is reading—until I get into controversial topics. Blogging has indeed become part of my life. If I stop blogging today, I would feel something missing or empty in my life. I am still not a good writer and I am not good with words, but blogging allows me to express myself. Writing has become an important tool for me to use everyday. Blogging has become an exercise for my brain. After practicing for 20 years, writing has come much easier for me and I like sharing my thoughts online.

For a while I got sucked into social media networks—particularly Facebook and Twitter. These days, I have checked out of all of them. I stopped posting on LinkedIn and Facebook. I didn’t even bother moving over to Mastodon after I abandoned Twitter. I never venture into Instagram or TikTok. I am not sure if Pinterest is still a thing. I still use YouTube for tutorials on snowboarding, skiing, rollerblading, and ice skating. I also use YouTube for fixing things around the house. Other than YouTube, I refocus all my energy on this blog.

I am so fed up with news and politics; therefore, I want my blog to have a different vibe. I started posting poetry everyday. I will continue to write and to share what I feel, see, and hear around me. I want to continue to blog for many years to come. I would like to thank you for coming to this site and following my journey. I hope you enjoy your stay.