HostPapa Wants More Money

From 2003 to 2019, all of my websites were share-hosted by Lunarpages for eight bucks a month. I was happy with its service for 16 years. I even recommended my clients to host with them. In 2019, HostPapa acquired Lunarpages and I was concerned.

An acquisition is never good for the customer, but I stayed on. I just don’t have the time and the resources to research and to migrate my sites. Because I am running multiple sites, which was fine with Lunarpages, I am paying $15 a month.

The new business plan was already double what I paid before, but they are constantly trying to up-sale me to the business pro plan for $25 a month. That’s more than what I am willing to pay for my personal sites. I might need to start looking for a new home for my digital properties if HostPapa keeps trying to rope me into their higher plans.

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