I am Done With HostPapa

Last month I migrated all of my sites off HostPapa and onto DigitalOcean. Since ilovengoclan.com is on a different account, I was not planning on moving it, but HostPapa kept trying to make me upgrade. I am not sure how it keeps reaching its CPU and Input/Output usages when iLoveNgocLan.com has been inactive for years. No one has written any new post and no one had made a comment for a long time. I had done all that I could to optimize the resources, but it was not enough.

HostPapa warned me that I have to resolve the issues by the end of the week or upgrade my plan from $9.99 to $23.99 a month. That’s almost 240% increase. My solution was to migrated to DigitalOcean as well. I no longer had the time and the resources to deal with WordPress anymore; therefore, I used SiteSucker to turn the entire site into static HTML files. For years, ilovengoclan.com has not been active. Keeping it in WordPress is just too much maintenance and time-consuming. I have thought of just either shutting it down completely or keep the legacy online. I settled on the latter. The site is now read only. It can no longer be updated or added comments.

Now I am completely off HostPapa. Both accounts (visualgui.com and ilovengoclan.com) had been paid to HostPapa until February of next year, but I rather take the loss than hanging in there. If you are hosting with HostPapa, you should consider getting out. My sites were fine with Lunarpages for years until HostPapa scooped them up. HostPapa is greedy as fuck. They all about forcing you to upgrade. Server technologies are cheaper now and they should offer more resources for our money, but they want to go the opposite direction so fuck them.