About VisualGUI

VisualGUI is an innovative design studio that combines creativity and simplicity to produce an enjoyable web experience.

What is VisualGUI? There is a double meaning behind it. Obviously, GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. A good interface design is not only intuitive and usable but visually attractive as well. The second meaning is about me. I am a “visual guy” and this site displays a collection of my visual designs, thoughts, and inspirations.

VisualGUI was formerly known as D3 (Donny Digital Design) Studio. D3 was started in 1999 for a class project (Electronic Visual Communication) at La Salle University. Fortunately, the success of the site opened the door to freelance projects. As a result, D3 evolved into the birth of a design studio because of the continuous growing body of work that resolves around it. The purpose of D3studio was to showcase my work only; however, I decided to include my journal in January 2003. The main goal of adding my journal is to release myself and improve my writing skills. It also serves as a stress management. In April 2003, I changed the name to VisualGUI to reflects both my professional works and my personal goals. As a result, VisualGUI is a combination of a portfolio showcase and a personal weblog. I could have created two separate sites but maintaining is a big issue. Keeping one site up to date is hard enough. On top of that, I am currently a full time web designer at Vassar College which takes up a big chunk of my time but I enjoy working with all the wonderful people and talented designers.

I hope you find this site enjoyable. If you are a potential client and would like to check out my works, please ignore my personal weblog. Although I have nothing to hide, my weblog is very personal and it contains all kinds of explicit contents that might give you a wrong impression about my design. However, if you don’t mind my personal thoughts, I encourage you to explore and enjoy both of my worlds. You might figure out why I design the way I do based on my personality.