I might have Metatarsalgia. It might have started when I played soccer for two hours and then went skiing and snowboarding on Saturday. I started to feel a sharp pain at the bottom of my left foot on Sunday when the whole family went skiing and snowboarding.

On Monday, I felt the pain when I pressed my foot against the footrest in my car. Fortunately, the pain didn’t interfere with neither skiing or snowboarding. Nevertheless, I needed to take a break to rest my foot.

I didn’t want to take any medication and I was limping around the house. My wife insisted that I should take some medication. I took an Aleve last night before going to bed and felt much better this morning. I’ll take one or two more pills in the next few days to get rid of the pain.

Somehow Aleve works like magic for me, but I am still being really careful with it. I only take it when I absolutely need to. I don’t want to abuse it.