Soccer, Ski & Snowboard

Couldn’t sleep last night so I got out of bed around 7:00 am and decided to play some soccer. One of my teammates twisted his knee. He could barely walk. He would need a long time to recover. I couldn’t afford to be out during the skiing and snowboarding season; therefore, I played with care. Nevertheless, I played hard for two hours. I was dead tired.

I came back home, ate a bowl of rice, read a few pages, and fell asleep for a bit. I woke up and felt recharged again. I asked my family if anyone wanted to join me for a late-afternoon skiing and snowboarding. Only Đạo (my oldest son) and Xuân (my third son) wanted to join me.

We arrived at Whitetail around 3 pm. The express lift was not working; therefore, there was only one blue trail. The condition was not so good. New snowboarders and skiers were falling everywhere. I did three runs on skis and three runs on snowboard. Around 5 pm, we called it the day. We went to Chili’s for dinner and drove home.

These days I am more active than my kids. I ski, snowboard, skate, and play soccer. My 45-year-old-out-of-shape body is holding up surprisingly well. I hope I can continue to stay active for many years to come.