Returning to This Personal Space

In case you haven’t noticed, I have been posting a poem a day. I am not sure if you have seen the pattern, but I have been reading quite a bit of poetry books. In addition to posting my favorite poems, I post rap lyrics with poetry qualities. My blog has become my database and documentation that may have no interests to anyone else but me.

Without comments and analytics, I don’t know who reads my blog; therefore, I have no target audience in mind. I just write whatever on my mind at the moment. I feel like screaming into the void. Then again, I wouldn’t hear anything until I write something controversial. After blogging for over 20 years, I should have learned to control my own emotions. If I don’t fuck up on my blog, I will fuck up in real life. I am screwed either way.

Nowadays, my focus is primarily on this blog. I haven’t tweeted in a while. I haven’t shared anything on LinkedIn. I am also pulling back from Facebook after posting quite a bit about our ski-snowboard trips. When I left Twitter, I had almost 600 followers. On LinkedIn, I had a bit over 300 connections. Although I had about 250 friends on Facebook, I only interacted with a handful. According to Cloudflare, I have, on the average, 1,000 unique visitors a day. That’s all I know. Still, the traffic here is much more than all my social media combined. Why should I spend my energy elsewhere?

When I left Twitter, I also removed Twitter Cards from all of my sites. I don’t care if my sites have no image on Twitter when someone links to them. I used to promote my works on social media, but I just do it here. When I redesigned this site and the logo, I didn’t share it anywhere else. Everything is back to this personal blog of mine.