On Blogging

I deactivated Twitter last Saturday. I feel a bit relieved and won’t miss it. Many people I followed had moved to Mastodon, but I have no interest in joining another social network. I logged out of LinkedIn. Although I haven’t deactivate it, I have no intention of posting anything on there anymore. Maybe I’ll log back in when I need to find a new job. I am still a bit active on Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. I still use Facebook Marketplace occasionally to buy and sell junks. I use YouTube primarily for tutorials (skating, rollerblading, skiing, and most recently snowboarding) as well as minor fixes around the house. I am trying to slow down my day by consuming less social media.

I still love writing on this blog. Everything I do involves writing in way or another and years of blogging have prepared me for writing. I take writing more seriously than before. I loved replying to my kids’ teachers and I made sure I took the time to do so. I helped Đạo with his school projects that required writings. I made sure he explained his positions clearly. For work, I have been doing quite a bit of writing as well. In fact, I have just written a long reply this morning. I am taking a break and will come back to read it over before sending it.

I took Jeff Bezos’s advice on writings over meetings and I am enjoying the process. When I attended meetings, I forgot almost everything afterward even if I had scribbled down my notes. When writing things down, I had all the records to refer back later on. In addition, I don’t speak fluently and I often feel that I don’t convey the message clearly through oral presentation. When I write things down, I know the person who I had written to would pay attention. When someone replied to me with questions I had already answered I knew they didn’t read my detailed response. Instead of responding back to what I had written, I could just reference the part that they did not read.

I am no way a good writer, but I use my best writing knowledge to get my message across. That alone is good enough for me. I try to improve my writing through blogging. Since this is my personal blog, I write whatever I like and take full responsibility of my content. If you don’t want to read what I write, you can pay me no mind. If you enjoy what I write, thank you. And I appreciate you even more if you support my efforts.