The Pain Has Subsided

The pain in my ass has significantly subsided. I no longer feel the sharp stab every time I get up or sit down. The downside is that the swell is still there as if I have grown a third ball right next to my asshole. I am hoping that the swell will also subside on its own. Right now I don’t mind if it doesn’t cause any issues. As long as I can still skate and rollerblade, I am fine with taking the time for it to flattened.

I am still contemplating on contacting my physician to get an expert examination, but I think I have a pilonidal cyst, which caused by ingrown hair. I didn’t realize that ingrown hair can cause such a huge problem. Now I have the reason and motivation to shave my hairy ass. I would love to pull out my ingrown hair too, but I can’t do it myself.

It seems like the older you get, the more strange issues you encounter. I have never experience any pain in the ass in my life until the last two weeks. I finally understand the true meaning behind “pain in the ass.” It is irritating as fuck so just don’t be a pain in the ass.