Pain-in-the-Ass Weekend

I spent a chunk of my time over the weekend taking selfie of my own ass. Is that a sign of becoming a narcissist? The pain in my ass got worse in the past three days. Every time I stood up, I felt a sharp stab to my buttock. Nevertheless, I was still able to rollerblade with a minimal pain as long as I bent my knees and not my butt.

On Saturday, the bump had started to swell and the pain was excruciating. I couldn’t sleep much. Last night was the same deal so I stayed up googling. The closest symptom I could diagnose is a pilonidal cyst. The treatment is to drain the pus or surgical removal. As a keloid former, I don’t want neither, particularly surgery. I don’t want to have keloid on my ass.

I planned on calling my physician this morning to get an expert examination and to see what I should do. The pain, however, reduced since I started taking Aleve on Sunday afternoon and evening. Should I waited out for it to seal on my own or should I consult my doctor? I am going to wait for a few more days hoping it will pop on its own.