Life These Days

I am still off Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg still has not learned from his mistakes; therefore, I have no hope for the platform to get better. I have deactivated my account, but I will not have any problem deleting all of my content on there. I need to hand the key over to someone else at work to maintain the Law School’s page. Until then, I just keep my account deactivated.

I have not deactivated Twitter and I am having a hard time staying off it. I keep logging back in to check for updates. I need to be more discipline with Twitter. I should just leave my my phone in my book bag instead of my pant’s pocket. That way, I won’t have access to it.

I read voraciously these days. I wake up at five in the morning and read until 7:30 before waking up the kids. At work, I read for half an hour or an hour during lunch. At night, I read again from 10 pm to midnight.

I am so zoned out of politics. It feels great not to get all worked up what that clown said or tweeted. Life feels much better without getting suck into his non-sense. Then again, I already have enough non-sense from my kids to deal with.

Have a great weekend, friends. I have Boyscott meeting, birthday parties, and a death celebration to attend. Life is never slowing down even on the days off.