Vương Turns One

A year ago today, my life was filled with joy and trauma at once. My baby boy, whose birth sent me to an ER for the first time in my life, turns one today. I simply can’t believe how fast time has flown by. Balancing life and family has been stressful, but Vương has been nothing but a bundle of joy.

His smile melts every heart. His brothers love him even though they treat him like a doll. They rough him up, but he doesn’t seem to mind. I was so afraid that Đán would accidentally drop Vương’s head first to the ground, but I am glad that had not happened yet. I am more nervous for our little son than he is himself. I can now trust Đạo and Đán with Vương.

In addition to his constant smiling, Vương has an ear for music. Every time I turn on Vietnamese dance pop or hip-hop, he would feel the beat and dance to it. He recognizes his favorite songs and shows it through his joyful groove.

He decided to walk just a few weeks shy from his first birthday. He can now walk and jam to the music at the same time. I love watching him walk and dance around the house.

I wish I could slow down time because Vương is our last baby. I am going to miss these precious moments. They grow way too fast. I am still glad that I have been able to see him making his progress through life.

Happy first birthday, son. I love you.