My First ER Visit

Around 5 am, my wife’s water broke. We head straight to the hospital. Unlike our previous boys, this guy didn’t turn his head; therefore; my wife needed C-section.

They told me to wait outside during anesthesia and one of the nurses came to get me when the surgery began. As I walked in, what I witnessed traumatized me. My blood pressure dropped as I saw a knife cut open my wife’s stomach. I sat next to my wife on the side that had been blocked out and tried to calm myself. It got worse when one of the nurses pulling my wife and yanking the baby. I was not even sure what she was doing. I looked at my wife with guilt and sympathy.

Then came the baby. He looked great. The nurses took him and cleaned him up. As they called me to come over, I could barely walked. I got up, walked over, and collapsed. I woke up a few minutes later and realized I was laying flat on the floor with a nurse held both of my legs up.

The doctor asked me a few questions to see if I remembered anything. He would not let me move or get up because he said I fell and hit my head. They transferred me to the ER even though I told them I was doing fine. After thorough examinations, they told me I had vasovagal syncope. They released me back to my wife and son.

This was my first time visiting the ER. I have heard so much about the C-section surgery, but seeing it first-hand is horrifying. I have so much respect for my wife and she is so much stronger than me.

As I sat in the ER, I felt ashamed of myself and the way women are being treated in this country. Women deserve nothing less than love, respect, and dignity. Why do we hate our women? Why don’t we believe them? Just thinking about the current Supreme Court nomination and the way the G.O.P ignoring the women enraged me. How can we do this to women? What the fuck is wrong with us?