Creepy Facebook

Yesterday after work I stopped by our public library to pick up a few books. Then I saw Michelle Obama’s Becoming displayed on the shelf. I grabbed it immediately with joy. When I got home and turned on the Facebook app on my phone, there was an ad for the audio version of of book. How the hell did Facebook know when my phone was in my pocket the whole time? Creepy as fuck.

Earlier this evening, I went to our neighborhood meeting to hear a proposal from private companies wanting to build housing for low-income families, seniors, and Mason students. Just now, Facebook is showing me an ad for house prices in my neighborhood and I don’t even have location turned on. Damn, this is intrusive.

I wrote about about not being able to leave Facebook just two days ago. Now I am back on contemplating it. Oddly enough, the NYT app keeps showing me ads for bras on every article I read. I know I am getting titties, but come on, they are not large enough for bras.