Wrote on Facebook

I don’t trust Facebook, and yet I am complicit in using it. Despite knowing its misuse of privacy, I still feed the monster my kids’ photos and videos. I have thought of quitting many times, but I simply can’t shut off my connection with close friends and family members, particularly my parents. If I have the opportunity to see them I would, but it is not always possible. I visit my mom and my sister once or twice a month. I only get to see my dad and my family in Vietnam probably once every 10 years. I am suck and awkward at socializing in real life with friends. As a result, Facebook is still next best thing to stay in touch.

I talk to my mom almost everyday during my drive home from work and she always complimented on the latest photo or video of my kids I posted on Facebook. It makes me happy that she gets to see her grandchildren almost on the daily basis even though we live miles and miles away. My dad in Vietnam also gets a chance to look at his grandsons and they make him happy.

I understand that Facebook isn’t the place to share photos and videos, but it is the only place that my parents can access digital content. So if I overwhelm your feed with baby pictures, please ignore or unfriend me. In the past few days, I reduced my list to family members and friends I know. If you are still here, thank you for all the likes, loves, and positive comments. I truly appreciate them.

I also want to make it clear that these posts do not capture the whole picture. I am absolutely guilty of posting only the good part and leave off the not-so-good part. I am not a great dad as several of you have complimented. I have my share of bad parenting moments. I usually write about them on my blog.

I don’t know how long I will keep my Facebook active. I do hope Mark Zuckerberg and his team get their act together. If not, I will be out. But for know, I am giving Facebook a benefit of a doubt.