Life’s a Bitch

After 9 days, my gout attack hasn’t gone away. I am still limping on the right foot. I missed rollerblading at the skatepark and practicing snowboarding in my basement. It is such a drag.

After 14 days, Ourisman Toyota has found the root cause of the airbag warning light. It will cost over $3,000 to fix the issues. I am waiting on our insurance coverage.

Our home has become funereal after I created the Wifi schedule. The kids are upset with me. Even my wife is not happy. In fact, she hasn’t been happy in a long time. I am deeply concerned.

Just when I thought we were heading in the right direction, things begin to derail. The last few weeks has been stressful, but I have to keep moving. I can’t let money holding me down. I can’t let stress holding me back.

I can’t make everyone happy, but I just have to continue to do all I can for this family.