Áo dài & Biển nhớ

Found a readers’ message in my mailbox. On October 15, 2010, Consolacion Cenalmor and Phat Nguyen wrote:

Hi, Your website is absolutely amazing!

My daughter dragged me to Áo Dài Trắng À Ơi. (she has just completed a degree in costume-making) and I do understand why it raised her interest.

Biển Nhớ brought back so many memories, back to the time I worked as a volunteer in Pulau Bidong refugee camp. As a member of Pulau Bidong Alumni, I guess your piece might be of great interest to lots of former refugees who are trying to revive the story of their puzzled childhood. Do you mind if I add a link to your website?

Thanks again for sharing your interests with us and … don’t worry if blogging is no longer a priority … sure little Công Đạo deserves it! And it will take some time before my husband and I finish exploring your Ali Baba’s cave!

Best regards from France
Consolacion Cenalmor & Phat Nguyen

Thank you!