Day 5 at Stowe

I woke up this morning and it was raining again. I went downstairs to eat breakfast and went to the car to adjust my snowboard bindings. I dialed back from +20° (front foot) and +15° (back foot) back to +18° (front foot) and 9° (back foot). I wanted the ability maneuver around the trials and not just carving.

I arrived at Stowe Resort around 9:00 am and the rain had not stopped. As headed to the lift, I found my ski poles on the rack. I brought them back to my car. I headed to the lift that took me to the black trail. This trail is perfect for me to snowboard. At the top, I had to do quick turns to get down the steep black slopes. In the middle, I had to do short turns to get around the moguls. At the bottom, I could continue to learn to carve. I was having a hard time digging my board into the snow on my toe side. Fortunately, I watched Seung’s video and he talked about digging your back knee lower will make the board grip. It worked for me. I kept going back to this trail to do my three turns.

On the last run, I decided to take the blue trail instead. The blue trail led me to the double-black-diamond slopes. I hesitated for 5 seconds and decided to go for it. They were pretty steep with big moguls. I side-slipped on my heels most of the time. I couldn’t make a turn to my toe side. At least I made my way down and I didn’t have to call the ski patrols to get me down.

Tomorrow will my last day. I will try to ski down the double-black-diamond slopes. I can do short turns on skis pretty well. We’ll see.