Turns 21

When I registered 21 years ago, I had no idea it would last to this day. Without a doubt, blogging is my longest hobby. I pour out my thoughts, my emotions, and my consciences almost everyday. As I am getting older, I find letting go keeps me at peace. When something bothers me, it stays on my mind until I write it down so I can let it go, but I still have a record of it. In that sense, blogging has become my therapy. I don’t need to talk to a therapist. I just talk to the world.

In retrospect, self-improvement has motivated me to write everyday. I have the tendency to constantly improve myself and it drives my wife crazy, especially after she got me into skiing and snowboarding. I have no special talent and I have no natural athletic ability. I just show up everyday and make progress. When I first started blogging, I stared at the blinking prompt for half an hour and couldn’t type a word. I had too many fears and anxieties. I worried about getting judged. Now, I just let words flow onto the page. I can just write whatever comes to mind. The only thing that can stop me is my own conscience.

I came to blogging from my web design background. I used to have a passion for design until I got paid to design. Now design is a job, not a hobby. I design for others, not for myself. Blogging, on the other hand, has given me a space to write whatever I like. I don’t write for anyone. I write for myself. I can write 1 word or 1,000 words. I can write in English or Vietnamese or both. I can write about my personal experience or I can write about my professional design and development. I have total freedom to write and control my own content.

After 21 years, I still feel the urge to write. Writing is a life-long improvement for me. I will never run out of room to improve myself. If this blog goes away tomorrow, I will damn sure miss it, but I will continue to write on another platform or on paper. Blogging is still my favorite space to write for now. I am glad I stuck with it for 21 years.