Dynamic Content Migration

Can you explain the migration process for the course catalog, course schedule and syllabi, working papers, clinics and externships, class notes, and student organizations?

The current course catalog has over 400 courses. The landing page is automatically populated from individual courses. The JD focus areas and concentrations are also automatically populated based on the filtering options on individual courses. The discontinued courses are also automatically populated from individual courses. As a result, we only need to maintain and update the individual course. Each course has robust form fields such as course attribute, course credits, semester taught, focus areas and concentrations, and prerequisites. If we lose all of the dynamic functionalities, updating these pages will be a nightmare, especially for those who don’t know HTML. We would need to manually update at least three different places.

Before each semester began, we received the course schedules in Excel from our academic admin. We converted the Excel files into CSV files then imported them into MODX. Then MODX would populate the course schedules. We would need similar functionality in Cascade.

The faculty working papers wouldn’t be any good if they are migrated over as static pages. They are tied with the faculty directories and the none-Mason author directory. This morning I checked, we have 1457 papers. Making changes manually would be a nightmare.

If the new CMS is making the updating process much more complicated than we are not doing it right.

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