Grace Kelly with Strings: At the Movies

I know R. Kelly, but who the fuck is G. Kelly? From a quick research, Grace Kelly is a saxophonist, composer, songwriter, band leader, and a singer. I came across her latest album, in which she covers tunes from movies and an orchestra backing her up. The album kicks off with the “James Bond Medley” with Kelly’s soaring saxophone. Halfway through, she started to sing. She has a decent voice, but she should have kept the medley strictly instrumental. She introduces “The Way You Look Tonight” with the Charlie Parker flow. It’s a mesmerizing swing cover with the strings behind her. Her collaboration with Sean Jones on “Soul Bossa Nova” reminds me of Bird and Diz. Damn, Mr. Jones got the bebop chops and Ms. Kelly got the swag. Love the call-and-response interactive. Not a perfect album, but very close. Love her, and she’s Korean-American.

Bonjour Vietnam