A Letter to Toyota

Dear Toyota,

On March 3, 2024, our family (4 kids and 3 adults) were driving home in our 2018 Toyota Sienna LE when the airbag warning light came on. Yesterday (March 6, 2024), I took the minivan to Ourisman Toyota Fairfax to get a diagnose. They found out that the electrical wires inside the passenger door were melting, which caused the airbag sensor light to turn on.

The auto mechanic showed me the melting wires and I took a photo of them. He also told me that he had never seen this issue before. I was shock as well because we never had any work done on that door. I bought the car brand new right out of Priority Toyota Springfield in August 2018.

Clearly this is a manufacturing malfunction—thank goodness our family was safe without proper airbag system—but the dealership estimated $1,688.60 to fix the issue. I declined the repair because the cost was too expensive and the cause was from the original manufacturer. They wouldn’t let me take my car back and negotiated the price down to about $1,300, which was still too much for me. I had no choice.

Since this is a safety issue that was from the original manufacturer, would you cover the cost to fix it? My family owns two Toyota Siennas and have always trusted the Toyota brand for its quality and safety. Please take this serious issue into consideration.

Thank you,
Donny Truong

Update: On March 8, 2034, a Toyota Brand Engagement Advocate responded.

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