Visualgui 2024: Lang

This is the fifth design iteration of my blog. As skiing-snowboarding season coming to an end, I want to remove the vibrant graphics and focus on the typography. I have been wanting to use Lang, designed by Stephen Nixon, for a while, but the quirky yet beautiful semi-slab type family is not intended for reading text.

Lang might not work at small size, but it looks great at large size. I dialed the body text up a notch and I loved how it took up the space. I am also getting old; therefore, larger font size works for me.

To complement Lang, I tried Lang Gothic, which is Lang’s cousin. I did not realize that Lang Gothic has no support for Vietnamese yet. I am not sure when Stephen will add Vietnamese diacritics for Lang Gothic; therefore, I went with Name Sans, which is also designed by Stephen.

As I was already using Stephen’s two typefaces, I might as well add Recursive Mono, another typeface of his, to the mix. I used Recursive Mono primary for code samples.

As for the colors, I went with the dark mode to fit my mood at this time. I am going through a dark time. I hope I can pull through it.