Skiing With My Kids at Liberty

After snowboarding for several days, I missed skiing. This morning, I left my snowboard at home and only brought my skis. I took Đạo, Đán, and Xuân to Liberty. We arrived at the resort around 8 am—just in time the resort opened. We went to the back side to do runs on the blue and double black slopes. I was amazed that three of my kids just zoomed straight down the double-black slopes without turning.

Three teenage snowboarders saw Xuân went down and one of them said, “Oh my god, that kid just want straight down. How crazy is that?” At another time, an older woman said to me, “They shouldn’t go straight down like that. It’s not safe. They need to turn.” I asked Đán why he snowboarded straight down and he replied, “Lazy has its advantage. I was too lazy to turn.”

I still did short turns on the double-black slopes to control my speed. On the blue slopes, I practiced my carvings. I was getting it now and it felt great. I will spend more time carving on skis.

By 10:30 am, the kids were already hungry. We took a break and had an early lunch. We went back to do a few more runs and left at noon. It was a great day.