Celebrating Tết on the Slopes

We let our kids cut school today to celebrate Vietnamese New Year. I decide to ring in the Lunar New Year on the slopes. Our whole family plus my mother-in-law headed to Liberty at 7 am. Since it was still a week day, it was not too crowded.

Since the weather was so warm, I had the idea that we would ski in our áo dài. My wife didn’t go for it. She was not comfortable skiing in áo dài. Obviously the teenage boys (Đạo and Đán) were too embarrassed to wear them. Only Xuân and I were up for it. Here’s a clip of me snowboarding in áo dài.

I was able to do two double-black-diamond runs. I wish I had more time because I started to enjoy snowboarding off double-black-diamond slopes. We headed out around 1 pm to get ready for the Lunar New Year eve.

We stopped by Vinh Kee on the way home to have dim sum. It was a great day with the family. I loved it.