Snowboarding Down the Double-Black-Diamond Slope

I went back to Liberty to work on snowboarding down Upper Ultra, which is the double-black-diamond slope. Despite the warm weather, the conditions were decent. Upper Ultra was not only steep, but it had big moguls. The moguls made it challenging, but they also saved me from sliding down on my ass the whole way down.

I did about six runs on Upper Ultra. The first time I fell when I turned to my heel side. Fortunately, the moguls saved me. The second time, I fell on my knees. As I was reflecting on what I did wrong, I realized that I pulled my body back when I make quick turns. The third time around, I bent my knees and leaned toward my front foot. That was it. By just leaning forward, I could make my board turn quicker and maintain my balance.

I did several more runs and I didn’t fall at all. It felt great conquering the double-black-diamond slope in just a few hours.