First Time at Liberty This Season

We went to Liberty today for the first time this season. As far as snowmaking, Liberty hadn’t done as well as Whitetail. While Whitetail has all of its trails open, Liberty still only has a few. Nevertheless, the lift lines on the frontside were long.

While Vương and my wife skied, Xuân and I snowboarded. We started out at the learning center. We waited for 10 to 15 minutes to get on the lift and it only took us a minute to skied down. Vương got bored and wanted to take the long green trail. We took the express lift up. Luckily, the line was not too long. The long green trail was narrow and there were tons of people–many of them falling constantly. I was worried someone would crash into Vương, but he just skied his way down. My wife did a great job too. Xuân struggled on the snowboard for a bit on the flat surface. After the long trail, the kids wanted to have lunch.

They went in with my wife and I went back to the backside for the blues and the double-black slopes. I was doing fine on the blues, but struggled on the black. The double-black was so ice that I slipped on my butt all the way down when I turned on my heel edge. I needed to lean forward a bit instead of backward.

We had a nice time together as a family. I am glad to see Xuân taking up snowboarding and Vương and my wife can do the green slopes.