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It was a snow day. The kids had no school and I had no work. Of course we went skiing. We arrived at Whitetail around 2 pm. Đạo and Đán went on their own to the back side. Xuân, Vương, my wife, and I went to the learning center.

Xuân wanted to try snowboarding again and to my surprise he picked it really well. He only fell a few times. Vương was doing great skiing as well. We stayed at the learning center for a few hours and then went on Sidewinder (the long blue trail). The kids enjoyed it. My wife fell a few times, but she made it through.

I wanted to go to the back side as well, but it was already 7:00 pm. We wrapped up all day. Even though I didn’t get a chance to ski or snowboard on the blue and black trails. I was happy to see Xuân made progress on the snowboard and Vương made a huge leap forward on skis.

I’ll come back tomorrow to do my own things.