My Wife Rocks

My wife knows how much I love skiing and snowboarding. Even though we already spent an entire week at Stowe, she encouraged me to check out Laurel Mountain, Hidden Valley, and Seven Springs while I was still on vacation. I felt a bit guilty when she had to stay home to take care of the kids. I missed them while I was on the trails and I was so excited when they came to join me. I got to spend time with Vương on the bunny slopes. Soon I will take him on the green slopes. I also spent time with the older three boys on the blue and black slopes.

My wife knows how to save my face. When my friend came to visit from Canada, she let me spend all night singing and drinking. She even reminded me to take the Lyft home instead of driving. Even though I could drive, I definitely couldn’t afford a DUI. I could only pull a few all-nighters in a row. The drinking and lack of sleeping put a toll on my body, but I had so much fun singing while my friend accompanied me on the keyboard. I loved sipping the Yamazaki 12. It’s my favorite Japanese whiskey. I will stop buying cheap liquor and just save up to buy expensive ones. It will help cut down my alcohol consumption. When I was skiing or snowboarding, I didn’t have a drink at all.

My wife knows the flexibility. My buddies often wonder how I get to go out drinking and partying without her. I would love for her to join me like other couples, but she doesn’t like socializing. She rather stayed home with her mom and our kids. I respect that and she also respects my social life. I need to get out every now and then to clear my head.

My wife knows my loyalty to her. I appreciate her trust and would never do anything to jeopardize our relationship. Once the trust is broken, nothing will be able to repair it. As a man, of course, I am attracted to beauties and my wife is beautiful in her own way. She is all that I need. I love the fact that she got a mind of her own. No need to shop around I got the good shit at home. I love you, boo!