Last Day at Seven Springs

My wife, her mother, and our youngest son went home after we checked out of the hotel. I took the three older kids back to Seven Springs for a few hours.

The crowd today was as bad as yesterday. We waited at the Polar Bear Express for almost 30 minutes. We took the green trails to warm up. Xuân got hungry so we took the North Face Lift up to Tahoe Lodge for lunch. The wait was about 15 minutes. We didn’t want to go back down and have to wait for another 30 minutes at the Polar Bear Express. We did a run on the North Face, but the boys got bored waiting. We waited another 15 minutes to get us to the top and we skied back to the main base.

Before heading home, I got them to take Cortina for a run. We spent 3 hours (including lunch) for 4 runs. We headed out around 2:30 pm and called it the day. I don’t like weekend skiing. Way too crowded.