Learning to Carve on Skis

Damn, I am exhausted today. Spending 10 hours a day on the slopes is wearing me out. I have been running on coconut water, croissants, smoked salmon, and instant noodles. I had Nantucket Cod at Eat’n Park two nights in a row. They were pretty good.

I started out skiing this morning. I finally figured out how to carve. I practiced carving and fixing my inside legs on the green trails. I also tried to keep my legs closer together and parallel. My new skis make carving a bit easier. I enjoyed skiing today.

I only did a bit of snowboarding before I had to leave to meet my family at the hotel. They came a bit too late for night skiing. Hopefully they’ll get to experience it tomorrow.

I am running out of steam. I hope I will be able to recharge tonight and hit the slopes again tomorrow.