Laurel Mountain & Seven Springs

Yesterday morning I drove Đạo to school and headed toward Pennsylvania for a few days of skiing and snowboarding. My first stop was Laurel Mountain. I arrived around noon. Laurel only had four trails opened and the conditions were very icy. I started out skiing with the Rossignol Experience 88 TI, which I just bought brand new.

My skiing skills are getting rusty. I couldn’t parallel on both feet. Worst, my boots were hurting my feet. After the first run, I sat on the lift as if I had two dumbbells under my feet. I couldn’t wait to get off the lift. Once I was off, I had to go into the lodge to take my boots off and gave my feet a message. The second run was still still painful. After the third run, I was done with skiing. I switched to snowboard and did three runs. My feet felt comfortable and snowboarding on crunchy ice was not as bad as skiing.

Around 3:30 pm, I wrapped up at Laurel Mountain and headed over to Seven Springs. Unlike Laurel Mountain, which only had half a dozens of skiers and snowboarders, Seven Springs were a bit more crowded. I imagined weekends would be worse. Seven Springs had better conditions and more trails. I didn’t know where I was going. I just followed the lift to where it took me. I went to the green slopes and landed on the terrain park. I took the North Face lift and headed into the North Face Black Diamond trail, which had moguls. I stayed there for a while trying to learn to snowboard around the mogul terrain.

I loved night snowboarding. The vibe was just awesome. I left around 8:30 pm to a hotel about half an hour a way my wife had booked for me. Isn’t she just great? She let me enjoy the last few days of my vacation before I go back to work next week. I hope she and the boys will join me on Friday for a weekend of skiing and snowboarding. I am pretty sure they will enjoy Seven Springs.