My Cold-Hearted Sister

Two years ago, my oldest sister blocked my calls and my messages. I still don’t know why she shut me out of her life, but I respect her decision. I stay out of her way until she lets me back in.

She and I haven’t been close. She’s my half sister and she left Việt Nam when I was a kid. Our mother was the only reason she brought me to America. Our mother wouldn’t leave Việt Nam to come to America without me. Regardless, I will always be thankful to my sister for giving me the opportunity to live and thrive in America.

It’s such a shame that our relationship had fallen out, but I hold no grudges against her. I do take issue that she didn’t bother to attend our mother’s death anniversaries. Our mother had given birth to all of us. The least my sister could do was to burn incense or show respect.

I am disappointed to witness my sister has turned cold and heartless. Well, you know what? Fuck her.