Fifth Day at Stowe

Xuân wanted to learn carving on skis. I signed him up for group lessons. I selected level 6, but they placed him on level 4. He learned pole planting and dynamic riding. He didn’t get to learn carving at all. I spoke to his instructor at the end of the day and he said he couldn’t get to carving. If Xuân wanted to learn something that specific, we should sign him for private lessons. I checked the price for private lessons. Half day lessons (3 hours) cost $875 and full day lessons (6 hours) cost $1235. Thanks, but no thanks. He’s going to have do skidded turns for now until I learn carving technique on skiing.

As for me, I lost counts of how many runs I had. Snowboarding for four days is wearing me out. Man, I am getting old. The good thing is that I am learning to turn skidded to carving thanks to this video from Malcolm Moore. He is such a great instructor. I watched all of his instructional videos. If you want to learn snowboarding, subscribe to his channel.

I might just stick with snowboarding if my skis don’t turn up. I ordered a pair with a great deal on Sun & Ski website this morning. Unfortunately, they cancelled the item because they couldn’t fulfill it. Son of a bitch. I am really enjoying snowboarding, especially carving. It felt so nice leaving the line behind. I haven’t been able to carve on skis in the past two seasons.

P.S. A young snowboard crashed into me from behind as we went down a blue terrain. He must had lost control. Fortunately I didn’t get hurt. On another occasion, I pulled over the side to pick up a phone call from my wife. About a minute later, an elder skier flew off his skis and poles. One of his skis flew toward me just a few feet away.