Fourth Day at Stowe

Xuân and I hit the mountains early so we can work on snowboarding. I wanted to teach him the basics starting with skating on one foot, but he didn’t listen to me. He wanted to strap on both feet and start snowboarding. I showed him how to initiate turns with his front foot, but he didn’t pay attention. As a result, he kept catching the edge and got frustrated. He wanted to switch back to skiing.

He took me up to the top of the mountain in the Gondola. It was my first time snowboarding the blue terrains on this side. I enjoyed them. We did another run before the big kids joined us. I did five runs total on that side and another blue on Spruce Peak.

Of course I was snowboarding the whole time. My skis haven’t turned up. They might be gone. Is this a sign that I should move to the dark side?