First Day at Stowe

Since it was our first day at Stowe, we didn’t know what to expect. The older kids explored the mountains on their own. My wife took her time learning to ski at the bunny slopes. We sent Vương to an all-day group lesson.

I joined the older kids for two ski runs on the blue terrains. My ski skills were rusty. I needed to learn to turn smoothly instead of quickly.

I switched to snowboarding and went on my own for four runs. I also wanted to learn to turn smoothly instead of abruptly. At this point, I like snowboarding a bit more than skiing.

When I picked up Vương after his all-day lesson, I learned that he spent all day in one tiny area playing with snow. He didn’t make it to the magic carpet. I was so disappointed. I thought he could at least make it to an easy green. $300 went down the drain. I was planning on taking snowboarding lessons myself, but didn’t seem like it would be worthwhile.

Damn, I am falling asleep trying to write this post. I am exhausted.