Visualgui 2024.1

Last week I relaunched this blog with a new text face, Kaius, designed by Lisa Fischbach. Today I found a tiny bug in its Vietnamese diacritics. The breve and the hook above on the lowercase a () are mapped to the circumflex and the hook above (). I thought I misspelled my Vietnamese, but the issue was the font. I reported it to the designer. Hopefully she’ll get it fix.

In the meantime, I needed a new text face; therefore, I went ahead and licensed Herbik, designed by Daniel Veneklaas. I wanted to license Herbik a while back, but I hesitated because I have been spending way too much on fonts. Now I have the legitimate reason to get them.

I could have used an open source typeface on Google Fonts or rented a typeface on Adobe Fonts, but I wanted to use typefaces from small, independent foundries and to host them on my site—not from a third party. I love Herbik. With buoyant and robust serifs, Herbik lends versatility, readability, and legibility to long-form reading text.