Is Jazz More Creativity and Classical Music More Craft?

Raymond Leone writes for Psychology Today:

Obviously, it’s not that simple. And just like the nature vs. nurture debate, it’s really some combination of both. I’m certain that Alexander has spent hours and years practicing and perfecting the “craft” of his instrument. And I don’t think Yo-Yo Ma became who he is just because he practiced more than everyone else. But creating in the moment is certainly different than, say, playing Bach note for note, as written. There is no room for error in playing the Bach cello suites. Is there more room for error in jazz? Miles Davis famously once said, “If I play a wrong note, I’ll just play it again and then it’s not wrong anymore.” Well, I don’t think you can do that when performing Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E minor.

What I think is that you need both. The creativity fuels the craft. And the craft is needed to express the creativity at a high level. A professional level. There is always some of both involved. And ultimately, it’s those who are most creative and most dedicated to the craft that are the most successful.