Another Night at the Skatepark

Xuân asked me to take him to Wakefield this the evening. Of course I complied. He had been making progress on his scooter. He dropped in from the eight-foot ramp. He rode around the bowl. He hopped over the spines on the quarter pipes. Watching him flying over the ramps was just so satisfying. I hoped he continued to love the skatepark.

I did my usual routines such as riding in the bowl and hopping out of the bowl. I rode around the quarter pipes and did a bit of jumping and backward skating. I also dropped in from the eight-foot ramp. Things went fine until I decided to drop from the eight-foot ramp before heading home. I had to drop in from the bowl area so I could get the speed to get by ass on the eight-foot ramp. The bowl is about 5-foot high and I dropped in plenty of time. Unfortunately I was being careless and my left foot slipped out of the coping. I fell on my butt and hit my head. Thanks to the helmet for saving my head once again. It was a hard hit.

My head seems to be OK for now, but my butt is in pain. I am heading to bed and rest. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.