Done Deal

As usual, I drove Đán and Xuân to their weekly private piano lessons. Instead of dropping by the skatepark afterwards, we went straight to my sister-in-law’s house to celebrate her mother-in-law’s 88th birthday.

After we sang “Happy Birthday” and cut the cake, I asked Đán and Xuân to play their latest song they had been practicing for months. They both declined to play even though they just practiced with their teacher just half an hour ago preparing for their informal recital in two weeks.

Then I asked them to play any song and Đán chose “Ode to Joy.” He played it with one finger so he could get back to playing video games. They both had taken private lessons for almost two years and all one of them could play was ten seconds with one finger.

My wife and I argued over their piano lessons. She wants them to continue. I don’t see the point if they don’t give a damn. They threw tantrums every time they were asked to practice. They just wanted to get it done and over with so they could play video games. They took months to learn one song.

They have lost their interest. It is just another wasted opportunity like everything we offered them. It has been dragging for months and they are making regress instead of progress. I am done with them on this one too.