Resetting Figure Skating

I have been going back to the ice rink whenever I have a chance. I want to teach Vương how to skate. He can now stand and walk on his own without me holding his hand. He seems to enjoy ice skating. I also want to relearn figure skating.

I have been thinking of retaking group lessons to relearn the basics, but I am not sure if group lessons are necessary since I already know the moves. I just need to get them right. Private lessons would be much better for me to get one-on-one feedback. The rates for private lessons aren’t cheap and I also don’t have any goal. I am learning to skate as a hobby to keep me active.

I am taking the self-learning route instead. I am resetting my path. Instead of trying to learn the jumps, I am focusing on nailing down the basics. I am relearning the 8 variations of the mohawks as well as the 8 variations of the 3-turns. Once I nail these 16 skills, I will move on to the 8 variations of the edges.

I mapped out my lesson plan to relearn figure skating. I just need to follow up with it. Writing it down helps me to stick to my plan.