I have been sick since last Wednesday. First was the sore throat. My throat was burning so much that I couldn’t sleep. Then the cough. I tried to beat the sickness by being active. On Thursday, I went ice skating because the skate park was wet. My skills are rusted. I tried to learn the waltz jump, the toe loop, and the salchow. I could only get the first two down.

I went back to the ice rink again yesterday. I ended up trying to learn ski carving on ice skates. I think I figured out how to transfer my weight to my outside ski when I carve. Of course, I have to try it out on the mountains to see if I can get it down. My goal for this winter is to nail ski carving.

Yesterday evening, I went to the skatepark myself. The weather was beautiful. I had on a light jacket to block the winds. I didn’t cough at all when I breathed in the fresh air.

Unfortunately, today my sickness is getting worse. I am coughing more. My whole body is a little sore. I am also having a headache. I haven’t done anything but lay in bed all day trying to catch some sleep with cải lương music. For some reason, I always return to cải lương when I feel sick.

I also miss my mother terribly when I am sick. She was always taking care of me when I was sick. I hate being sick. I can’t wait for it to go away. I hope that when the winter comes I won’t be getting sick. I have skiing and snowboarding to do.