Preparing for the Winter Sports

I can’t hardly wait to hit the mountain this coming winter. I have been watching tons of snowboarding tutorials. My goal for the season is to focus on my posture, turns, and carving. There are quite a bit of YouTube videos on snowboarding. My favorite snowboard instructor including Malcolm Moore, Nev Lapwood, Tommie Bennett, Johnathan Buckhouse, Doug Fagel, and Kevin Pearce

To practice my turns I will tune into Tommie Bennett’s “Proper Snowboard Heelside and Toeside Turn Technique 101.” I like his analogy for squashing the bug on toeside turns and opening the door on heelside turns. In “Five Reasons Your Carving Sucks,” Jonathan Buckhouse shares the mistakes that beginners make and how to correct them. Nev Lapwood has some great tips on “How to Carve on a Snowboard” and “How to Keep Your Weight Over the Top of Your Board.” Finally, I really love Doug Fagel’s “Snowboard Tips: Steeps Riding.” I can’t wait to try it on the double-black diamond terrains.

I also want to learn carving on skis, but I haven’t found any tutorial that clicks. Skiing videos are harder to find than snowboarding. I need to dig some more. Can’t wait for the snow storms to hit. Please Mother Nature, make snow this year. You haven’t given us much in the past two years.