How About the Incompetent Leaders?

The president hits back at the Heritage:

There is always room for serious discussion on how best to make a university open, welcoming, and productive for all citizens, but unfortunately this report – sloppy, methodologically questionable, and simply inaccurate as it is – not only falls short of something we can take seriously, it does damage to our capacity to have such a serious conversation. Quite frankly, it also damages Heritage’s reputation for providing accurate and useful information.

He even invited the Heritage to campus to explain the report. Why does he need to invite these racist conservatives who oppose diversity to campus? He just gives them an opportunity to speak about their whiteness heritage. While they claimed that hiring a diverse group of talents is wasteful, they have no idea how much money has been wasted by the white incompetent leaders to hide their ignorant and lack of knowledge. Those incompetent leaders should be fired instead.